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Budget (€) :

1,500 - 3,000

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12/12/12 4:01 PM

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Registration/Profile Options 1. Profile information (Name, Gender, Ethnicity, Email, User, Password, Birthday, Zipcode (not in US then list city, country), time zone (should be auto detected), sexuality, career, education, religion, politics, children, height, does user smoke, does user drink, about me - Information required on registration form: Username, Email, Password, Birthday, Zip Code (city/country if not located in US). 2. Upload photo in profile settings. 3. Connect with Facebook. If users facebook is connected it would show on their profile that you have it connected (will not link to Facebook profile). 4. All profiles are open to public unless user has set to private (only registered members can view). If profile is set to private their profile image will still display on hompage, however their actual profile won’t be viewable by non-registered members.


What to display on profile 1. Users response rate and response time. Similar to"> where it shows 86% response rate and response time is “within a day”. This would let you know how often the individual responds back to messages. Response rate means how the percentage of messages they respond to. Response time is the amount of time that has went by before they sent a reply. 2. Username, age, gender, sexuality, location, career, education, religion, politics, children, height, photos, does user smoke, does user drink, message, save to favorites, report as spam, about me, show last online. 3. Questions & Answer section that will allow members to ask user a question. The answers will be displayed on the users profile. 4. Display similar users (users around the same area, gender and age). 5. Photo gallery 6. Message user 7. Ask user on date (same options from Let’s Go section) 8. Report user. 9. Add user to favorites.

Inbox Users

1. Mark unread, delete, archive, send to folder (option to do a mass action also)

2. Option to block and report user message.

3. Include Inbox, Sent, Unread, Never Responded (messages user has not replied to yet) folder (option to create custom folders).

Browse Members

1. A system similar to pinterest with the unlimited scrolling.

2. Users can use a search box that find a specific type of person. For example there would be a search box, user can type in "female, likes dogs, has a job" and we would display results containing those keywords. These keywords are information that would be found from a users profile.

3. Advanced search will be the standard selection of ethnicity, age range, sexuality, etc. User can save search options and load other saved searches.

4. When browsing profiles we will display all main photo images of users profiles with a small caption beneath each photo displaying username, age, gender, location. If user hovers over image (similar to pinterest) three tabs will pop up, "message, save, report".

5. If user is directly viewing a profile there will be a “like” button hovering on their picture and users can click on that button to show they liked the photo. A small popup will appear where user can send message to explain why they liked the photo. This feature will help with communication and make it easier to “break the ice”.


1.We will use PayPal micropayments for payments done on website. Payments are per 30 days basis.

2. When it is time to renew, automatic email will be sent out to user seven days before renewal date.

3. Automatically set to renew account unless user disables option in account settings.

4. Non-subscribe members can only browse the website, no actions can be taken with the exception of editing their profile (includes managing photo album).

Admin CP

1. Add/Edit/Delete user profiles.

2. Backup database schedule.

3. Send newsletter to subscribe users.

4. View users messages (for security reasons).

5. Mass private message user (or select certain users)

6. Edit Contact Us, About Us pages

7. Select roles for user accounts (non-register, subscriber, moderator, admin)

8. Ban user (ip, email)

9. Ask user mass questions from Q&A (or select certain users)

10. Stats (categorize subscribe and non-subscribe with option to download/reset stats)

10a. User ages, location, ethnicity, religion, kids, gender.

10c. Messages sent per day, week, month

10d. Most search words 10e. Users ask out on a date (unanswered dates)

User CP

1. Edit/Delete profile

2. Inbox

3. View Favorites

4. Upgrade (option shows if user is a non-subscriber)

5. Invite Friends (select emails or login to GMail, Yahoo, Outlook or AOL)

6. Modify/Delete saved searches

7. Disable auto-renewal

8. Renew (option shows if user is a registered user that has auto-renewal disable)

Let’s Go Section

1. This is a section that will allow users to propose a date they would like to go on, and each sentence will begin with “Let’s go”. User selects location and category.

2. All date ideas will be posted on a activity feed categorize as “Newest, Nearest, Most Popular”.

3. Users can “like” date which will post it to their profile (giving users viewing a profile to ask that user on a date).

Web Design

1. The website is completed with HTML/CSS. You will have to implement our design to the website so that it functions 100%.