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Project:I want to put legacy code written in C into a DLL and call it from a new front end written in C#.

This all works, but I cannot debug the C code in the DLL with Visual Studio.I cannot set any break points in the DLL or single step it.

To show my problem in a simplified form I made a test solution zipped in TestDLL.7zIt contains a C# project that calls a DLL written in C.The C# program and the DLL works properly: A button click displays 14, which is correct as you can see in the code.

But I cannot set breakpoints in the DLL, the hint:    [The breakpoint will not currently be hit no symbols have been loaded for this document]shows and the break point does not work.

I googled around and tried many suggestions, none worked.

Of course the problem can be solved by using another C Compiler, like Borland C Builder. But I would like to stay with visual studio, it optimizes the C code better than any other compiler for speed, which is important.

To install:Unzip the TestDLL.7z (attached) into any directory

Start DLLTest\TestApp\TestApp.sln

Deliverables:Modify the code and/or project settings such that the debugger can step into the DLL and set break points in the DLL.

Explain what you did to make it work.

Zip the whole thing up (similar to the TestDLL.7z file) and mail it back to me.