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4/25/11 2:01 PM

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 The aim is to create an installation package for BackupPC ( for the Synology DS 509+ NAS box (

The BackupPC package has been ported to a number of platforms already, but not to the busybox unix platform ( which is running on the Synology NAS products.
The package should install/uninstall cleanly, allow a setting to turn the service on/off throuh the synology DSM 3.1 User Interface and show the current status (running/stopped) of the service.
A successfully running service is characterized by being able to reach out to Windows network shares and creating backups on the Synology NAS device. These can be browsed and restored using the BackupPC web interface.
Development and extensions of BackupPC should be minimized and avoided if possible. Deliverable is a Synology! installation package and step-by-step instuctions.
Development requires access to a synology product with a Freescale mpc8533 PPC Processor; these are DS109+; DS209+; DS209+II; DS409+; DS509+; RS409+; RS409RP+.
No GUI support or other provisions are needed for the BackupPC configuration file.
The services should run with a dedicated user, with the minimal rights necessary to achieve their tasks (i.e. not as root)
Some useful pointers: