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Design of Graphic for a Multimedia-CD (Menue and Background)


We need a background graphic for a main screen with buttons and a titlegraphic for our learnin CD for driving

scool. enclosed you find a decscription of the graphics as well as a sample screen that is used for development. the same screen we need for a cd for car drivers licence and the same for a cd for motorbikes and motorcycles. the top part should be with a different presentation and maby in a different colour-design.

here the specification:

All graphics in PNG format, lower case names. Buttons: [screen shot - item no. 6]   Borders - up to 5px   Corners - can be rounded - all or some   States - Pressed, Hovered, Normal, Disabled   File names: button_normal.png, button_pressed.png, ...     Can have more than one theme for buttons - different for navigation, for menu and so on.   Saved Questions List: [screen shot - item no. 2]   Borders - up to 5px   Corners - can be rounded - one, two, three or all   Size:     - if plain background - 20x20 is enough     - if with a horizontal gradient: 200x20     - if with a vertical gradient: 20x200     - any other gradient: 200x300   File name: question_list_normal.png     Notes: I will need the HEX colour value for the text within the          list header.                   I will need the HEX colour values for list items (even and odd          can have different colours).                   A separate button theme may be created for the [X] button removing          items from the list.          Application Icon:     PNG sizes: 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, 22x22, 16x16     File names: AppLogo_512.png, AppLogo_256.png, ...         One high resolution ICO icon is required.     ICO file name: AppLogo.ico     Your Company Logo:    PNG widths: 512, 256, 128    PNG height: not important       File names: CompanyLogo_512.png, CompanyLogo_256.png, ...    Application Main Picture (currently the box that is displayed in the first screen):    PNG sizes: 768x768, 512x512    File names: AppMainPicture_768.png, AppMainPicture_512.png    Application Main Background:     Size:       - if plain colour - 20x20 is enough       - if with  a horizontal gradient: 1000x20       - if with a vertical gradient: 20x1000       - any other gradient: 1000x800            Center picture:       - A picture may be displayed in the center (or in one of the corners)         which should be a water mark-styled so the user can concentrate on         the test not the background.         Header: [screen shot - item no. 4]     Displayed at the top of the screen. Is scalable, if having a gradient     this should be vertical.         Borders - up to 5px     Corners - bottom corners can be rounded     Size - 20x150     File name - header_background.png     Footer [screen shot - item no. 8]     Displayed at the bottom of the screen. Is scalable, if having a gradient     this should be vertical.         Borders - up to 5px     Corners - top corners can be rounded     Size - 20x150     File name - footer_background.png         Notes: Navigation buttons will be placed in the footer, so can have a separate            theme.            Check Boxes (used also for question answers): [screen shot - item no. 7]     States: on, off     Size: 48x48     File names: checkbox_on.png, checkbox_off.png     Flags:     If using other that the ones I already got, then they should have:     Size - 30x20     File name - flag_de.png, flag_fr.png, ...     Question Information Box: [screen shot - item no. 5]     Is displayed on the right hand side.     Borders - up to 10px     Corners - either right or all can be rounded.     File name - question_info_background.png     Menu: [screen shot - item no. 3]     Same guidelines as to Saved Questions List [item no. 2]


enclosed we send also printscreens:

screen beta is the screen we use in development

screen old version shows the old version we use at the moment.