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Small project <800

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6/2/18 9:23 PM

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We have an incomplete website and are looking for someone to help us finish it. First though, we’d like to start small, in order to be sure that we’re dealing with people who can actually do the work. If you can complete this successfully, you can expect offers for more work to finish the rest of the project, and maybe others.

This first chunk we’d like to have done is the Stripe Connect Express implementation. We believe it to be the most challenging piece of work left to be done, and so it serves as a good test.

The website is for property rentals, and is written in Drupal 7.56 with Roomify for Accommodations at its core. It is currently hosted on Pantheon, and is intended to launch there once complete.

We will want to have a brief Skype conversation with any applicant we select, so as to confirm the details of the project and ensure that there is not a language barrier.

As far as the Stripe implementation goes, we need you to implement Stripe Connect Express to handle the following tasks:

*Guests should be able to pay for property reservations as appropriate

*Stripe’s monthly $2 should be deducted from each property owner’s first rental of the month.

*A credit card transaction fee of 3.15% of the total payment plus $0.30 will be added to each guest’s bill.

*Property owners pay for listings via ACH

Additionally, we will launch with a start-up discount event to aid in recruitment:

*New hosts will be able to join during the Beta Test and list free for 90 days from the time they join. After the Beta Test window closes, there will be 30 days of a “Kick Off” promotion, where new hosts may list at a discounted rate.

*If a “free” Beta Test listing receives a rental, the current cost of listing (discounted or normal) should be deducted from their payment, and the listing should be converted into a normal paid listing.

*If a “free” Beta Test” membership is converted to a paid membership, either by receiving a rental or paying to list, then they should be considered to have paid after their free listing period expired, for the purposes of renewal. In other words, they would renew one year after their free listing period ended, rather than one year from whenever they actually made the transaction.

*After the 90 day “Kick Off” discount pricing, the regular annual listing fees apply and remain in place indefinitely.

Much of the work for implementing this has already been done-- forms are in place, etc. However, nothing is reaching the Stripe gateway we believe to be associated with the site, so we believe that no actual back-end has been implemented.

After reading some reviews where a developer never finished their task and also would not agree to allow the escrow funds to be returned to the client, we are concerned. We know that not everyone on Twago is trustworthy, but we don't know how to determine which ones are.

We are willing to pay a bit more upon completion, if we can start by putting a very small amount into escrow when we select a developer, then deposit additional funds once we can see the completed work on your website. Then the full amount would be released from escrow to the developer once we can review the final code and accept it.

Please let us know if this approach will work for you and modify your bid accordingly. 


We would prefer to hire an individual Drupal expert instead of a team or company.