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800 - 1,500

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6/13/14 10:43 PM

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I plan to build eCommerce website specialised in eszablishing sole proprietorships and business companies through Internet.


On this website will be 3 main categories /sole proprietorship, business companies, "most favourite"/ and subcategories under each category. These 3 main categories together with all necessary info related to them will be visible on the main page /index/, chat window for online instant chat assistance in left corner,

Visible buttons on first page, clicking on it starting buy/order process /4 steps - graphically visible on the top each step of the process /1. step, 2. step, 3. step, 4. step /payment//:

"I want to establish sole proprietorship right now"

"I want to cancel/suspend existing sole proprietorship/business"

"I want to establish company/limited company"


On the top will be slideshow with 3/4 slides. on each will be short description "Want to establish sole proprietorship/limited company" right now? "click here" or "want to receive more info" etc. Then when potencial client clink on "want to establish sole proprietorship/limited company right now" starts order/payment process in 4 steps /graphically visible 1.step, 2.step, 3.step and 4.step /payment - by wire transfer or by credit card// During order/payment process /after 1.step, then after 2. step/ will be generated automatic emails that will be sent to client with additional and important info. During the process can be processed paused with the button "finish later", then will be sent email to the client with the link, if click on it later, can continue in buying/ordering process later. This is the most important part of all ecommerce website i plan to build.

This buying/ordering process must be 100% working, quick, easy to understand, with all of neccessary info in the notes or info section next to the box customer must fill, 100% working email sending without any delays, all of the payment methods /wire transfer, credit card../ must be 100% working and fast. When I receive payment, I will receive some info through email that order with number xy was payed etc.


If you have experiences with development website like this, please send me your referral work and

estimated price for web design and coding together or separately price for web design and separately for coding.


CMS and CRM:

Easy to use CMS for web administration is necessary.

I want to CRM application or web based solution that has following futures:

- all the orders created on website by clients will be uploaded to this app.

- visible status of every order /not payed yet, order semi-finished, order completed, in progress/

  what we are waiting for

  /payment, original documents subscribed by customer and sent by post etc./

- what is next step in registration process of newly establised company

 /scan all the documents received from clients, send received documents to authority for registration  etc./

- number of days from payment received by customer to send him official registration document of his company

- administrator can check in database of my customers with all of necessary contact data, with ability to send mass emails to our existing clients and potential clients too, ability to make statistics etc.


CRM application will be developed continuosly.


I want to have website and CMS completed and 100% working and tested till 20. July 2014.


Thanks in advance for your proposals.


Best regards,