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We are looking for a product E-Learning / On-boarding consultant to help us design a user education flow for users who sign-up for a free-trial to our saas product ([OBSCURED], an analytics product that helps digital marketers make decisions that drive more online revenue). 

The flow should be easy, engaging and allow them to quickly install the analytics product on their website, familiarize and use each core feature and thirdly, allow them to grasp best practices to actually use the product in a way that drives ROI for their business. 


This learning flow is tied to 3 specific goals. The first goal is they will install the product, the second is they will access and use each core features, and the third goal is they will more frequently login to the product and use the features more frequently (after learning them). This should also impact the last goal, which is they will actually subscribe and become paying customers. 

The solution should satisfy the following requirements:

a) It needs to move users through a learning journey that begins as soon as they sign-up, and finish before their trial period ends (15 days)

b) We need to be able analyze how effective that journey is by being able to track results:

- First, how well the content in the flow is being viewed, are users ignoring some content?

- How many logins, how many installations, how much product usage increased after they 

  are exposed to this flow?

- Which content in the flow correlates to higher performance and more logins/activities, which ones correlate to lower performance?

c) Based on the analysis, it needs to be optimizable, we should be able to see what's working and what's not and make adjustments. 

The consultant should help us in the following areas:

1) Design this journey

2) Choose the required software to support this flow, as well as analyze it

3) Help develop the training content in the flow based on raw materials we provide.

Here are the learning topics broken down into 3 stages:

Stage 1 - occurs after users sign-up for a free trial at The purpose of Stage 1 is to a) get customers to install the product and b) get them to actually touch and use our core features.  

The training topics here are focused on product installation, features and usage. 


Stage 2 - The purpose of Stage 2 is to get them to a) login frequently b) use the core features frequently c) make decisions with the product in a business savy way to actually generate value for their business. and d) ultimately subscribe to the product


The training topics here are focused on business best practices, how to actually make sound business decisions using the product features, to benefit the customer.

(Samples in attachment)

Stage 3 - The purpose of Stage 3 is to get paid users to keep active and remain a customer by a) login frequently b) use the core features frequently c) use new features frequently and d) make decisions with the product in a business savy way to actually generate value for their business. 

The training topics here focus on advancing what they already know in terms of best practices, to making them domain experts, as well as introducing new features that come out for adoption.