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Budget (€) :

6,000 - 10,000

Posted on

4/20/11 12:34 PM

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Please give us a detailed overview with pricing for each individual step so we can see where we could save some money or where we need to invest more.

Also let us know how long you think it will take to realize this project.

1. We want a new shoppingcart system with a new design. Check out our old system:

Right now we are using as our system software and we need to get all the customers information and product information from our old system transferred to our new system (we are talking about 12.000 customers).

2. Our cart gotta be multilingual (German/English)

3. Import of the data from old system (GS shop), that’s really important for us and it needs to work seamless.

4. Integrated tool to write Invoices, Offers, Receipts, Delivery Receipt / Order… So everytime we are looking up customers we can see all the orders he made, the invoices we sent him, if everything is delivered… A standard merchandise/inventory management program.

5. Customer groups: We need the ability for Distributor to shop the same products but with a different price level than the regular customer. There should be an option where we can define different pricing level for different customers/distributors.

6. Discount function for individual products.

7. Stock of products should be displayed on the site as well (on product level) and it should be visible for everybody. (See picture attached “In Stock Out of Stock”)

8. Link to product comparison sites, like “Google Products” and some more (German market) to increase sales.

9. SEO friendly and optimized

10. Tracking, maybe you a good integrated option to Google Analytics

11. Merchant Accounts like – Paypal, Click and Buy, VISA, Mastercard…

12. Individual block on start page for special actions, like a lottery, special discounts…, with easy CMS to switch content whenever necessary.

13. Integration of newsletter system linked to customer data base (Magento based or individual solution)

14. Integration of Postal Service (DHL) with tracking option for customers

15. Delivery options: Standard (national,European Union, international), Express (national, European Union, international)

16. Survey function like FAQs to minimize customer support time. Through CMS from Magento.

17. Trusted Shop Certification and integration of customer reviews and products reviews

18. Social Media integration: Facebook, Twitter…

19. Optional: integration of a bonus system, for each time buying something customer earns points and gets gift certificates, like payback

20. The backend got to be in German (optional English) since the employees are German and their English is not the best.

If there is anything else, please feel free to ask

PS: one page/system we really like is:">