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1,500 - 3,000

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5/4/15 3:58 AM

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150,000 words Mechanics Translations of English-Thai


You may join us at anytime. The later you do, however, the less volume you will get.

We are now looking for English to Thai translators to work in a project about machinery. The volume is about 150K words. It will start anytime, so we will appreciate your early reply and participation.


If you are not available for some time, you can still apply for the job. However, you will be given less volume to translate, since it is a long-term project. To know more about the subject, please refer to the sample text below. 

Transcend ( is a well-established translation company based in Taiwan. For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to providing quality translation services to our clients around the globe.


Your daily output must be at least 1500 source words to meet the deadline.

*Required software: SDL Trados 2011 or 2014.

We offer free Trados training and software just in case.


If you’re interested in this job, please e-mail your CV along with the following information

- Name:

- Best Rate in USD per word:

- Daily Output:

 If you are not available right now, you can still apply for this job, but you will be given less volume to translate):

- Phone Number (including country code):

- Are you a full-time translator?

- How long is your translation experience since you became a full time?

- How many hours can you spare for translation per week averagely? (This is crucial   for us to assess if you have enough time to complete the job)

- Do you use Trados:

- Version of Trados:

- Your Email Address:

- Native Language:

- When can you start this project


(If you do not use Trados, we shall provide software and training.)

Note that Trados requires users to have the Microsoft platform. Mac users will have to download programs, which enables Mac users to also have a Microsoft interface. i.e Bootcamp, VMware Fusion and Parallels


For a speedy process, the mail subject should be “Eng-Thai Machinery” followed by your name.


Sample Text:

For the cutting of angle steel, rebar, hanger rail, channel steel, round bar, lining pipe, conduit, raceway, PVC pipe, electrical wire, deck plate, striped steel plate and the like.

For the table circular saw cutting of composite panel materials.

Stainless steel / steel tube / steel / structural steel / lightweight materials / steel plate / metal-based building materials / non-ferrous metal / others

Plasterboards, decorative board, decorative calcium silicate board

For the cutting of plastic-based building materials, acrylic and PVC materials.

For the cutting of thin iron plate, metal siding, aluminum building tinplate, colored galvanized iron, Galvalume, spandrel, etc.

Rechargeable Circular Saw

Low-Speed Cutting Machine & Tipped Cutting Machine

For low-speed cutting machine

Bean Harvesting Machine (tailor, riding, low crop, etc.)

Dustproof Cutter, Dust-Collecting Circular Saw & Tipped Cutting Machine

High-Speed Cutting Machine & Table Circular Saw

Double-side polishing finish (48P ~ 72P) & zigzag surface polishing finish (90P)

Wood-based building materials / ceramic-based building materials / metal-based building materials / resin-based building materials


2-layered fireproof tube, 2-layered fireproof ceramic tube, PVC pipe, void tube, wood

Excellent sharpness and durability with lightweight meshed diagonal 45 ° R-blade embedded tips

Excellent cutting ability at slope with the curved surface structure

The blade edge does not easily chip and the blade is sharp, with excellent durability

Box Specification - Fluorine Processed Base Metal & Laser Slit

For the harvesting work of red beans and soybeans.

Excellent durability with embedded tips.

The inner diameter (up to 330 mm) is pinhole processed, supporting machines of any brand.

(Up to 330 mm)

Excellent sharpness and durability with 45 ° R-blade embedded tips

General wood, nailed centering materials, composite building materials, wood wool cement board, 2 x 4 structural plywood, plywood composite panel, ALC, slate, lath board, ceramic siding and PVC pipe.

General wood, new building materials, laminated wood, composite panel board, 2 x 4 structural plywood, OSB material, plasterboard, MDF materials, Styrofoam and particle board.

For the vertical and horizontal sawing of general wood, plywood, etc.

For the cutting of hard ceramic siding, extrusion cement board, slate, plasterboard, fireproof sheathing board, artificial marble, etc.

For the mowing work of scrubs, weeds, bamboos, bamboo grass, forest weeding, reeds, saw grass, pampas grass, red beans, soybeans, sugar canes, etc.

Ideal for bamboo and bamboo grass

Table Circular Saw & Sliding Circular Saw

Set-blade type Double-side polishing finish