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800 - 1,500

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6/11/14 5:50 PM

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This website is going to be used for people to be able to create letters and send them to people to tell them how they have influenced their lives. The idea came when sitting at a funeral and people says all the good things about the person who has passed away. The idea is to provide those positive experience to individuals instead of waiting till they are dead.

Users: Sender, Receiver, Moderator, Site Administrator


  • Sender creates an account: need surname, given names, preferred names, email, cellphone, username (for now)
  • Sender creates message: Needs email of receiver or cellphone, Given Names, Surname, Subject, Body of Message, Relationship with Receiver
  • Message is sent to moderator: Moderator will read through the message and approve or reject it.
    • If rejected, message will be sent to sender letting them know why. So a field for Reason needs to be on the moderator page.
      • Sender can either scrap the message, or redo it and submit for moderation again.
    • If approved: Message sent to sender saying the message has been approved and sent to receiver. 
  • Receiver gets a message tell them they got a message through the system. A link to create an account will be attached and a part of the beginning of the message. Also a manual retrieval code will be attached to the email if the link doesn't work or they want to do it manually.
  • Receiver creates account.
  • When account is created, receiver approves relationship with sender
  • Message is attached to receiver and status of Read shows up for the message to sender
  • Receiver has now a choice to share it or not.
    • Shared: Public - copy of original message
      • Sender, or moderator, edits the message and shares it publically. This becomes a copy of the original. Comments on it can be left by anyone logged in. A message is sent out on Twitter, Our company facebook page, Pinterest, and other social media.
    • Shared: Private - original message
      • Receiver can share the original with specific groups, such as children, spouses, siblings, business associates, etc.
      • Only those shared with can leave comment or read it.
      • Links can be generated for people not having accounts or for one time use only

    • Not shared: - original message
      • Links can be generated for people not having accounts or for one time use only

      • No comments can be left

      • Not shared messages can be changed to shared later   

  • Users will be able to see any messages and comments on their list. Date and time when received. What status of message. What relationships they have with other users. What messages they have written and their statuses. Who moderated messages, etc.
  • Moderators will be able to see what messages they have moderated, date and time. Also what is in their queue to be moderated. Moderator will get emails when they have a message in their queue.
  • Users can be promoted to Moderators. This will give them a new tab/menu to access.
  • Blog, Social Media integration, Advertising needs to be able to be added. Possibly a forum.
  • Contact Us page, About Page, Privacy and Terms of Service page.
  • Home page will have publically shared messages, a banner/slider, and other nice graphics. And advertising. Also a donate button.

As this page keeps growing, other features will be needed to added. If a good work is done, we can discuss becoming the go to company/individual for those additional features.