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6,000 - 10,000

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4/11/14 12:00 PM

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We are looking for a talented and trustworthy software developer, who we can establish a good working relationship with to assist us with a project for one of our biggest customers. After the software has been initially created it will need to be updated and new features added as and when required. There is potential for more work with this project.

The way the table will operate: There will be a very basic video on loop playing as the background. There will be a twitter feed running along the 2 longer edges of the screen. There will also be a few buttons along the shorter edges of the screen to access different applications.

Each user of the table will have their own carousel (I have attached a very quick mock up of the layout of the table)       All content is divided into specific sections on a carousel. Image’s on the carousel will be cut out info graphics to represent each service along with the title of that service. Once a service is selected the carousel will disappear and an info-graphic will appear, which is representative of that sub-section (for example if renewables is selected the carousel will be replaced with leaves, each leaf will represent a different sub-section within renewables). Once one of the leaves is chosen another info-graphic will replace the leaves, specific to what was chosen (for example if solar was chosen the leaves would be replaced by a sun graphic, which will then house all the options to view all products relating to solar).

There will be 4 of these carousels in total & they will have the ability to be moved around the table & then locked into place in order to use them. There will also be an option to add further carousels, delete existing carousels or make them bigger & smaller. The user will have an ‘email me’ option or 'add to basket, should they wish to have any of the content emailed directly over to them. Data entered from using email me will need to be saved to a CSV file on the PC and and external hard drive simultaneously.

The energy bar will be updatable throughout the year.  Including changing products & small aesthetic alterations. At each event the table will be altered in order for it to appear specific to that event. ( I will need a price that covers alterations throughout the year, like a package price)

Videos will be available to watch with subtitles*, or there will be a QR code which will take them to the video on the customers youtube channel. They can also watch the videos on the table and connect head phones in order to hear whats being played. The table has 2 jack outputs which can be used independently. 

The table will be purchased from a company called promultis, It will come with software called snowflake suite which can be linked into. Promultis are able to create what we want using software called inuiface however its very limited, and we would like the table to be able to do much more. 

The table will also be able to offer an analysis of which products or departments have been accessed and how many times. To help decipher which products & services are in the most demand or under achieving

We would like this software also available as an ‘App’ for iPad use.

The table will need to be able to incorporate programmes like Team Viewer, It will need to have games, if we can edit and brand up the games even better, It will also need to have a notepad function where people can sit around the table and type up notes on the screen which can then be printed out for the person to take away with them. We will provide all the graphics for this in which ever format required, We would just like it piecing together with some animation.

I understand you may want more information before providing a quote or committing yourself so please do get in touch if you have any questions regarding this project ([OBSCURED].uk). We have found someone who can create the background features and the carousel but not make more than one carousel work separately at the same time. If this project is not possible to create no matter how good the developer is please do let me know.


Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you,