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Small project <800

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10/29/18 8:26 PM

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Extension for h5ai (

Adding mailing option (Select file/s and send by email)


-    Select file or files (if more than one make a zip file)

-    click button for email (see attachment)

-    popup (lightbox) should open with the following fields

      o    Email

      o    Subject (with placeholder, defined in extension file)

      o    Text (with placeholder, defined in extension file)

      o    Send button

      o    Please also show the file-size

-    If the selected files exceed a certain limit (MB limitation, defined in extension file)

      o    A popup should be displayed with a warning

The extension should be in a separate file e.g. _h5ai/private/php/ext/class-mail.php

The smtp data, placeholder, limitation and warning text should be also stored there.

If you want to test it on your server, make sure, zip creation and selection is enabled... ;)

Just change


Line 125

"download": {

        "enabled": true,

        "type": "shell-zip",

        "packageName": null,

        "alwaysVisible": true


and Line 321

    "select": {

        "enabled": true,

        "clickndrag": true,

        "checkboxes": true



Thomas Gebauer

Link to H5ai, the link above is broken

To make it clear.
H5ai is not our website. This is the software we need we need a extension for.