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3,000 - 6,000

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3/11/13 1:15 PM

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The idea:
A person can send a friend a symbol to pin on a virtual board. Together the symbols will form a virtual art project.
1. In order to send a symbol this person has to log in on a Facebook application. We will need access to their personal info (email, location, age, gender – if available) and we’ll need to be allowed to pin on this person’s wall.
2. After accepting the Facebook application he can choose friends to send a symbol to
3. There is a selection of 5 different symbols, so the sender can choose one per friend
4. Optional: we might want to restrict the number of friends he can send a symbol to, for example every user has 15 friends he can send a symbol to.
5. The sender can add a message to the symbol for the receiver.
6. The friend gets a message (not a notification) on facebook that someone has sent him a symbol to pin on the board. This message also includes the personal message of the sender.
7. When the receiver accepts the invitation and goes to the application he can choose a location on the board, it’s not possible to pin the symbol over another symbol.
8. Before he pins the symbol on the board, the application will ask to accept the facebook-app. Basically it’s the same approval as in step 1. 
9. After the person pinned the symbol, the application will share this action on his wall. We will need to design and define standard format for that post.
10. The application will ask if he would like to send his friends a symbol as well
11. He has to sign in on the Facebook application.
12. Back to step one.
What we need:
- Facebook application
o Automatic sharing
o Visual appeal
o Compatible with mobile phones and tablets
- A screen of 5000 x 5000 pixels
o Zoom in/out function
o The whole area is bigger than the screen, people can move the area 
- 5 different symbols of 10 x 10 pixels
o Option to add a message to the symbol
o Message pops up when someone clicks on the symbol → how do we solve the issue of moving a board, clicking on the board and mobile/tablet-compatibility. 
The Quote:
- Please divide your quote into development & design.
- Please make a project-time estimation from planning to market.
- No hidden costs please.