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8/29/11 7:00 PM

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1. UPLOAD: The Facebook  user should be able to upload a photo from himself, which he has taken in front of a white wall, showing his silhouette (tight clothes or no clothes).

2. CONVERSION: The App converts the uploaded photo directly (see detailed explanation below) and displays the converted version (the original photo is not shown!). After the conversion it is impossible to recognize the person shown on the photo.

3. TYPE-IN: The user types in: his gender, age, size in centimetres and weight in kilograms. He can press a button if he wants to publish the data and his converted photo.

4. PUBLISHING: After publishing, the user receives a number. Later on, he can find his photo again with this number (so include a simple search function) and see what people have voted.

Maybe, with the typed in values "size" and "weight" we could do a simple math here (body mass index) and display the result? This could be optional.

5. VOTING: Everyone who is using the app can go on two more pages: one for women and one for men. There he can vote with one click if the person shown on the photo is attractive like that or if he or she should try to loose (or gain) some weight. I have to work this out yet, maybe one can vote with 5 or 6 different values here (like "you should loose about 2-3 kilogramms" or "you should loose 5-8 kilograms"). The result what people are thinking about this person is shown right away after one has voted for one person, maybe in a little graph?

The order of photos in the voting process could be random (but only showing women if you have chosen the page for women, and only showing men if you have chosen men).

That was it. The app should be made as simple as possible for the user.

It would be nice, if there are seperate language files, so I can translate the app later on for different countries. Or think about another way to integrate this later on. Maybe also a way to choose between different measerment units?

There should be some way of placing Google AdSense on the Facebook page, so the project can monetize itself eventually. Is this possible within Facebook apps? If not, there should be a way of placing my own textlink- or banner ads (like affiliate links) on the pages.

I guess this should all run within a MySQL database?

CONVERSION: Please look at the photo that I am sending with this inquiry. This is only one possible way to show the photos in a way you can only see the silhouette without recognizing the person. There might be other ways.

This is how I made it: 1. changing the contrast to maximum level 2. changing the saturation to maximum level 3. using the filter "relief" or sometimes called "emboss" If you don't do step 1 and 2 before, the result isn't that nice.

Maybe the user should also be able to cut the photo on all four sides, if this is not too complicated to program?

The app should display all photos with a width of 300 pixels (like the sample).