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i would like to have an intergrated facebook login site which allowsusers to login/register via facebook and be able to add their info ina database driven site for a yearbook style functionality.1. user will come to my site and connect/register using their facebook account.2. information such as name, email, birthday, city should be saved inthe sites database.3. users can search for schools by School Name > Year > Class4. once they find their class/grade, there should be a link that says"add myelf to this class" and it will add their facebook profile pic,along with their name in the box.5. each user can come and add themselves (there should always be an'add myself to this class' button)6. there should also be a link to "add class picture" visible sopeople can upload a class photo. If someone has uploaded the classphoto, it should be uploaded to the site in a temp folder and theadmin (me) should get an email saying the photo is awaiting approval.I will then view the pic, resize it, etc and then upload it to ourfacebook fanpage. Once its on facebook, i will link it to the classprofile page on my site and then there should be a link that says"View Class Photo" when people click on it, it should open in a jquerymodal popup.7. a user can add someone who is on their facebook friends list butthat added user must confirm that they went to the school (and at thattime they must add our app to allow their email/birthday, etc to bestored in our database)suggestions:I am open to suggestions for additions and modifications of theproject if it will benefit the project for the betternotes:- I have a facebook application already so i can provide you the APPID and secret- I need the site to be extremely lightweight - nothing that slows the site down1) school year will be added dynamically by the user. You can seesomething i have created here:">  in thesearch box, type mahatma and select any of the schools then click onthe link -- it is a basic template page but will need things to beadded to it.2) picture uploading will be like this. User will select school, year,class and then if there is no class picture, it will say "Do you havea class picture? Upload Here" and then it will let them upload thepicture which will need to be approved by the admin. Once the adminsees the picture and verifies it is good he will upload to facebookand link it to our site. so then when a user goes to the school > year> class and if a picture exists it will say "click here to view theclass picture" and also have a link that says "do you have a betterquality picture? Upload it here" and then the admin will get anotification of it.3) the picture has to be approved by the admin so when someone uploadsa picture it will get stored on our site, and the admin will get anemail something like "hi Admin, user_name has uploaded a new picturefor School Name > Year > Class. Please click here to view the picture4) the design of the site is extremely basic like the link i posted innumber 1. so i don't think any design is needed. Everything just hasto fit within the template5) i will provide you the app ID and secret key for the application -no other edits will need to be made on the facebook page.6) in the database, i have a table called "schools" the columns arelisted as followsid - id of schoolschoolname - name of schoolcity - city in which the school istype - if it is a primary (grade) school, a secondary/high school or a collegeso, i assume another table will need to be created called 'class' andthen the year and class will be tied in with the schooland then maybe another table called students in which it will tie theuser with the class and school year7) admin panel would probably need just to send out emails to people,view messages sent to admin, etc.. it should also allow admin to addschool names.