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11/6/18 9:44 PM



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Hello. Thank you for your kind message. I think you did not get my answer. I am interested to solve a problem with my site. My name is Alfredo and I am writing because I would like to fix my site [OBSCURED]

I would try to explain the problems:

01. The font in the Menu:

It changes when I leave the editor section. The font is OK when I am editing, but, once I close it and visit the site, even from another computer, the font in the menu changes and of course, the titles and subtitles all over the site change.

02. Scroll action and opening any section of the menu:

I do not know what happened but I lost the effect that scroll down or up any page when pressing any section of the menu. What I see now is that, any section of the Menu that I choose, the section is shown right away and I do not like it to be this way but as before. Also, when I open any page from the Menu, it opens but I can not see the title because somehow, the page does not open the right way. The title is there, but above the content shown in the monitor. So if you like to see it, yo need to scroll up manually. Before, it was working very well.

03. Drag & Drop Option in the English version:

I lost yesterday the option Drag & Drop but in the English site only. It is OK in the Spanish version.

04. Table:

I was working very well with the table inserted. Yesterday I tried to update it. I see the changes that I did but, I do not see the new content published. (English version only). I am still loading information in the Spanish version.

Thank you very much in advance. I would be able to read my messages, tomorrow afternoon, European zone time.

Best regards!

Alfredo B.