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Small project <800

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2/12/16 1:57 AM

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This page was originally written in HTML and then ported to PHP by the last developer I hired. There is a lot of Javascript going on. It has different CSS for mobile and tablet, even the content changes when opening the page with a mobile (achieved with CSS). The page is also completely responsive.

Before bidding please check out the page and see for yourself where the problems are. Also check how the site is built to see if you are capable to fix them. I need someone who understands the page and the software used and can fix it fast. Not someone who has to search several days for the problems because he/she doesn't understand the code.

All problems need to be resolved to work universal on all browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE and others) as well as on mobile devices and tablets.


General problems

  1. When first loading the page and scrolling down you see beneath the slideshow a loading wheel for the rest of the page. Sometimes, when loaded completely, it goes back to the slideshow even though it should stay in place at the height of the loading wheel. (possibly JS?)
  2. The margin-bottom beneath this second loading wheel does not work in Safari (for example) and must be added. Not sure if it is the margin but somehow the loading wheel is not centred vertically and stuck to the bottom edge. (CSS)
  3. Language switcher buttons do not have a hover nor selected color. This must be added.
  4. The last section, Contact, has a big transparency in the font which shouldn’t be there. It has to look the same as in the other parallax banners in-between. (CSS)
  5. When clicking on the phone number in the contact section you can call directly the number. It should work the same when clicking on the phone icon just above. (Html)


Portfolio section

  1. Portfolio sometimes doesn’t load correctly (for example in Firefox). The different content images stay in one vertical line instead of the 4 columns. (JS)
  2. When clicking on a portfolio header button it goes sometimes back to the slideshow instead of loading the specific content inside of the portfolio (Firefox). This seams to be related directly to point 1 because it always happens together. Probably some code is not always executed or loaded or gets overwritten from a second one that loads afterwards? (JS)
  3. When clicking on a portfolio item, sometimes the lightbox does not work and the iframe is opened as a window tab. The lightbox should always work. Sometimes it gets loaded with an older design or previous CSS where the lightbox has borders around the iframe. Sometimes the quit button is at the bottom. Also, the Quit button in the lightbox is pixelated which should not happen since it is a font symbol. (CSS)
  4. When clicking on a portfolio item an overlay with text appears. The “more +” icon should be beneath the text and not above like it is right now. (CSS or html)
  5. When opening the lightbox the video has a play button. Beneath appears a loading wheel. The loading wheel should not be there because it does not look good design wise. It only should appear when playing and loading content because of bandwidth issues. Also, the loading wheel appears when going in fullscreen mode and stays above the video constantly. It obviously shouldn’t be there. (CSS)
  6. When going back from a fullscreen mode of the video to normal page view, the lightbox does not get centerd and is horizontally off. (possibly JS?)

Note: As you can see, points 1-3 seem to work sometimes correctly but sometimes not. My guess is that there are two codes executed and depending on how slow or fast the site is loaded the old one gets loaded first and is then overwritten from the new (and correct) one. In this case, everything looks and works great. But if the loading is slow, the old one somehow gets executed after the new one and everything is messed up. This is only a guess so it could be also something else.


Exclusively on mobile devices

  1. On mobile devices, several sections of the page are not shown which is how it’s supposed to work (for example the portfolio section). After the show reel there is a second text saying people should visit our page from a computer or tablet to see more content. Unfortunately there is too much margin above this text and very little below. Must be corrected. (CSS)
  2. On mobile devices, the design of the Contact section, is messed up in the first half. Mostly margins, but also the font weight of the title font. (CSS)
  3. On mobile devices, once clicked on the navigation bar, it expands two times (after the first time it closes fast and opens again). It only should expand one time. Like it is now it looks like an error. Also, once you select a section it always stays expanded. It should close after choosing a section (seems to happen not on all browsers but Safari). (probably Java?)
  4. On mobile, the shadows used on the fonts in the initial slideshow doesn’t adjust its size. It must be less because the font is smaller too. (CSS)


If you see other problems I don't see, please report them to me. I'm no expert in webdesign even though I made several simple websites for myself and some clients. Unfortunately, this site got too complex for my knowledge (I have no idea of PHP) so I wouldn't even know where to start. The last hired developer was not able to finish the site, and for each problem solved, new ones came up. Therefore, I had to abort the project for some months.


I strongly believe that all problems are easily corrected if you know your craft. So again, please only apply if you do.

Ok guys, I see that we have a lot of different opinions about the problems and the time needed to fix everything. In my opinion, this is a work which shouldn't take more than 1 day. The budget which is left from the initial budget is 50 Euros, which in first instance is what we have left to spend. Defenitely the most important part are the javascript errors.