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Small project <800

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11/22/10 5:44 PM



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We need a little animation to present pictures on a screen.

  • Screensize: 16:9
  • The app should run fullscreen (or fullscreen in a browser).
  • New pictures are places in a folder.
  • The flash-app should check the folder for a new picture.
  • If a new picture appears in the folder the animation should start and display the picture and delete the picture from the folder.
  • The animation should loop until a new picture appears in the folder.
  • The design of the animation can be seen in the attached pictures.
  • Length of the animation is about 4 to 5 seconds.
  • At the end of the animation the picture is displayed fullsceen for about 5 seconds.
  • The size of the pictures in the folder can vary since they come from different sources.

Since our event is already on December 30th, the app needs to be ready on December 29th (latest)!