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The project:


Our project offers the best of social networks and a bonus point rewards system to give users the chance to earn free gadgets like the iPad, other Apple stuff, video game consoles, multimedia equipment etc.

Do you remember the sites that where offering Free iPods for taking free offers online?

Obviously these sites could not work in the long run. They just could not find advertisement partners who are willing to pay high enough commissions for users that are not really interested in their services and only take the offer to get the iPod.

The systems died due to a lack of partners willing to pay commissions.

Our concept takes this approach a big step further.

Our users collect bonus points by taking offers of our partners to save for the gadgets.

They also profit from their friends collecting bonus points which brings them closer to the gadget they are saving for.

The system is well balanced so that the partners have to pay commissions that make financial sense to them, so partners are incentivized to work with us.

To get a high-tech gadget like the iPad for free a user has to collect 100 bonus points and has to recommend to a certain number of friends who also collect bonus points.

It is not incredibly hard to reach 100 points. This can be done by taking 2-3 offers from our huge database of partners, so there is something for everyone.

Social Network components make it very easy for our users to recommend to their friends and motivate them to reach the goal of a free high-tech gadget.

The project is based on sound financial and business sense so it is easy for users to understand how everyone profits. No chance for users thinking „This is too good to be true!“.

Partners are really incentivized to work with us and pay us commissions as the commissions make sense financially.

In addition to the social network components to add a lot of users we have developed a system to incentivize the big websites to send us referrals, so rapid growth is anticipated.

The concept is so strong that it will be profitable just a few months after we can launch our service. is a true win-win-win project for everyone.



What we are looking for:


Our experience is clearly on the business / marketing side, so we are looking to build an IT team that takes care for the technical part of the project.

We have been talking to lots of senior professionals in the web development scene but most of them did not get the potential of the project. They were only focused on how many man hours the project can generate, how high the hourly rate can be and in how much money this translates.

This clearly only incentivizes the developers to produce more man hours instead of finishing the project and getting started. As soon as their work is finished they move on to the next project and never look back or help us improving

After bad experience with this model with past ventures we decided to do it differently this time.

We will not hire anyone based on an hourly rate but are looking to add fresh, young and motivated IT talent to our team that absolutely moves into the same direction as we do.

Until freehightech goes live everyone puts in his work as „sweat equity“ and gets the payoff from this work as soon as breaks even financially.

You have to believe in the success of to fit our team.

As we expect exponential growth this payoff will be a multiple of what you could have earned by the hour. Conservative estimates suggest a company profit of big 6 figure or even 7 figure EUR amounts per year.

Secure your fair share in this now (approx. 25% of the existing company and profits) by becoming part of our team!

As everyone gets his share in the profits, every team member is incentivized to give his best, improve and push the project forward.



Are you experienced in these areas?

-Building dynamic websites
 in particular community platforms
-Administration of Web- and eMail-Servers
-Coding small extensions to Webservers
-Customer effective Web-Layout
-Planning, coordinating and establishing
 Web development projects

But most importantly:
Get the vision and have the drive to push forward

If you get the message and are thrilled to be part of our entrepreneurial team, please tell us why you fit our team and send a full application (motivation letter, CV, experience, achievements) in German or English