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Small project <800

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6/25/15 5:59 PM



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(Urgent) We need to adjust pre-made animated GIF banners, replacing the original text with supplied translated text  FRENCH (FR) & DUTCH (NL). Same text on all banners. Original PSD files (zipped) and translations are attached. Also uploaded some GIF examples.


Note: Only the text needs to be adjusted - no design elements, etc.


- 120x600 A & B (FR & NL)

- 160x600 A & B (FR & NL)

- 250x250 A & B (FR & NL)

- 300x250 A & B (FR & NL)

- 468x60 A & B (FR & NL)

- 400x400 A & B (FR & NL)

- 728x90 A & B (FR & NL)



Other banner details

Female image is the Designer

Male image is the Programmer


This is a quick/small task. Need a quick turnaround.


Let me know if you have any questions.





28 banners in total. 7 size formats, but 2 different banner mesages and in the 2 new langauges.