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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

Posted on

3/7/12 5:43 PM

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Dear All,


I need a php web application with an SQL databaseto show info in the internet and in the browser of the smart phones. The idea is the following:


1.-To locate and find lost kids

2.-To teenagers/adults to register a mini log of their holidays(mini facebook)


The home page will have the basis info: About us, who we are, etc.. and the following options:


  • To order wristbands. This option is available without login.Payment method will be available however initially will be no cost).then we offer the option the register the user for future visits.
  • To login
  • To register a new user


Once the user in logged the following options will be available:


  • To order wristbands. The same as before but the requested info of the delivery will be preloaded from our ddbb as the user is logged.
  • Activate a wristband.
  • Deactivate an active wristband
  • Modify personal data
  • See active wristband and create lost kid alert over a wristband
  • See wristband log
  • Logout


To activate a wristband, the user needs to read the QR code of his wristband. This has to be done with any QR reader, available in all smart phones.


The information of the QRcode will be our url + unique WristBand ID.


Then we'll open the browser of the smart phone and it will check whether that wristband is active or not.


If it is not active we will proceed to the activation. The requested info will be different depending on if the owner of the wristband is a kid or a teenager/adults. For kids we will request info about the person to be contacted if the kid is lost. For  the teenager/adults we request info about social networks(facebook, tweeter) and his favourites webpages(Gmail, yahoo, youtube...)


Then we request the timing from and to the wristband will be active and then we will charge him depending on the number of selected active days. (payment method available)


All the services related to a wrisband only will be available on that period of time. Maximum 30 days per wristband.


If someone  scans the QR code in a wrisband and we detect that the wristband is active adn it is a kid's wristband  we will offer 2 options:


2.- I am the owner and grant acces to modify data.

1.- If he found a lost kid.Then we will provide 3 options:

·         To call their parents (make a phone call to the telephone we have in our DataBase)

·         Inform the parents his kids has been found and contact the person who found him(the call is made by the family)

·         Get the GPS position of the kid(GPS for smart phone which read the QR code), send the info to the parents smart phone and show them his location and how to reach it (via  google maps)


These 2 options can be done if the parents have marked the wristband as "lost kid". Then if they are connected to our webpage we can provide this info to them(if you know another way to implement this part please feel free to comment it)


If we detect that tat wristband is active and belongs to a teenager/adult profile we will request the login to grant access.


Then, the user we have the option to upload info: Text Message +Picture +GPS position and timestamp. This info will be logged into our database. This info could be sent to the social networks the user request(facebook, tweeter,etc...)


another option will be available to grant access to the main applications/webs the user had defined in his register. For instance. Automatically login to Gmail.


Also another available feature is a register of other users (with active wristbands) who has requested access to our personal info(like our bussiness card). Previously he has scan our  wristband. Then we  can allow it or not and send info to this other person from an option of our menu(manage connections).


If we want then to set up anonline/offline chat between them.. this would be another option of the menu: Connected people.


All these options, very simple but they have to be available from the browser of the smart phone. No APPs are required.


The initial language of this webpage will be English but is has to be prepared to add any other languages at any time( we will provide the translations)


I attach a ppt with the main scrren of the project.


Thank you