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main purpose of your website: inform the international public and the international human rights community (NGOs, Governments, Media) about the human rights situation and the peace building process in West Papua (Indonesia).

To do this the site:

- provides details of cases of human rights violations such as torture, extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, political prisoners, evictions of indigenous peoples from their villages, deforestation, environmental degradation, resource exploitation.

- provides general news on politics, legal issues, environmental issues, religious issues, other indigenous issues regarding West Papua.

- promotes the main product of the organisation, a bi-annual human rights report on West Papua for download, print order, etc. and invites subscribers to its mailling list.

- provides resources about West Papua (UN reports, NGO reports, general articles, video other material)

- is a centre for online activism for human rights and peace in West Papua

- promotes the organisations mailing list by inviting for subscribtions (most of the site content is text and files as photos about West Papua issues are often not easily available)

html with animated header How many pages should there be on the site? Here a template for Joomla 2.5.x is needed 1. Front page (latest news, caroussel banner, email list subscription, report promotion, navigation to section, one or two videos) 2. general article page (used for news articles, reports, pages, etc.) this page template would be used for hundreds of articles and should include basic social network sharing features 2.b. not sure if a listing of subpages for Joomla categories that have several sub pages is required? 3. a page for the human rights report that has attractive Download, Order Print buttons

Text provided by us and samples can be taken from our website. Logo creation: no extra forms: a form to order a print copy of the human rights report. If possible online payment options a donation form examples of websites we like in terms of look and feel: for layout or colours: template 39320:" target="_blank">" target="_blank"> (purity of colour choice, activism oriented)" target="_blank"> - plain, clean, good amount of pictures and colours, web banner, style and fonts" target="_blank"> - good example of a campaign website template 37497:" target="_blank"> template 40079:" target="_blank"> template 33000:" target="_blank"> template 29579:" target="_blank"> template 40555:" target="_blank"> (clean!)" target="_blank"> - the fonts on this page look beautiful" target="_blank"> - colourful but clean and pleasant any additional comments. As our NGO network is changing its concept and structure a bit we would like to give us a new look and be more competitive. 

We are considering different new domain names and want to build a new site based on Joomla 2.5.x under a new domain. As indigenous Papuans in West Papua (indonesia) is the group we are concerned with we would like to keep the banner of the old site as far as possible (indigenous designs, grey black) but the wording in them needs to be replaced with our new name (Human Rights and Peace for Papua - the international coalition for Papua) and possibly a new font. That theme of indigenous drawing is our key logo concept that should be used for banners, buttons, etc. Having the colours again focusing on black and white with grey should also be maintained though it is advisable to add an activism colour (e.g. amnesty international uses yellow) to highlight things on the page. To relate this to Papuans the colour could be green (Papuan jungle, environmental protection) or red (struggle, blood) but we are open for other suggestions. The site should give a serious impression of reliable information and also bring new visitors in relation to this far away place and the suffering of the Papuans in their land. We can use new fonts that give a modern and stylish impression and that we can also use for name cards, letter heads etc. our joomla theme can be mixed up of other themes and just tweaked a bit and doesnt need to be written from scratch as long as it fulfills the above description. a responsive template that can handle mobile devices would be good some more answers to questions I received from other companies

1) which version of Joomla do you need?
2.5.9 is the latest stable one which we also plan to use  
Q) How many pages approximately there should be on the site?
see above. We have hundreds of article pages but may only need 3 or 4 templates. It should still be possible to add widgets to those templates later or add / remove text boxes.
Q) How is the info placed on the template: is it the designer approach with the dummy content or some specific info provided by you ?
 You can make a draft based on our list of good example sites We would need a menu bar (Home, News, Human Rights Report, Papua Resources, About us) Most of these items would have sub-categories/folders. e.g. Papua Resources
Q) Will you be able to supply the images to use on the template?
Q) Do you have the logo? Or it should also be created?
The wordings in that banner need to be changed as asuggested and the graphic may need to be changed into different formats.
Q) please let me know if you need any specific modules/components etc.?
I am sure there will be some, but I havent looked through all yet. Will it be a problem for us if we want to add modules/widgets later? We can foresee that we would want to have sharing buttons with counters (twitter, fb...), disqus plugin to be activated on some articles, integration with mail chimp so that users can subsribe to our email list. Do you have other suggestions?  
Q) Do you need just an informational site about you and your company?
We are a resource site with lots of news articles, human rights cases and several documents such as pdfs, see current old website.
Q) What features should the template have ( is programming required or that is just graphical/content development)?
a caroussel banner, possible later use of multiple languages on the site (english, indonesian, indigenous papuan languages), responsive to mobile devices.  
Q) Would you like the site to have clean look and style or you prefer specific elements?
clean is good, the visitor should be remined of the old site but we need to look a bit more pleasing for the eye. We are hoping for a really good new smart look that suits "activism, human rights, indigenous culture, reliable reporting, news"

I am perfectly fine with taking pieces of different existing templates and putting things together differently if that saves time and money but I couldnt really point a specific template. It is good if the look feels new and 2013 design standard. I would appreciate a quotation/estimation Can you also prepare a mail chimp newsletter template based on the same design? How much cost would that add? How about letter heads / MS Word letter templates / name cards?