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Write a program to read in the raw format image, and perform filtering by convolving it with small operators with k*k coefficients, where k is 3 and 5. The resulting images should be saved as raw format. The output images are: (1) motion blurred - using a diagonal averaging operator. (2) Gaussian blurred  (3) differentiated - using edge operators such as sobel operator in x and y direction (display zero difference value in gray, e.g., I=128, and other positive and negative values shifted accordingly). Show horizontal and vertial differential images separately.For 5*5 size filter, the differetial operator (filter) can be designed as the weighted rows or columns of -1, -2, 0, 2, 1. Pay attention to positive edges and negative edges.  (4) Computing gradiant images from the horizontal and vertical differential images.  (5) Detecting edges at peaks of gradiant values over a threshold.  In the filtering, you will select certain constants to devide the results of convolutions in order to prevent overflow of the filtered values. Your input and output images should be converted to JPG format