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Small project <800

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6/18/18 9:50 AM

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I am planning to visit Tehran and looking for people who can check out Stationary stores beforehand.

Report must be made by "Pod pics"app which GPS is applied

Can you help me with:

・Taking photos with your smartphone: exterior and interior of the stationary store

・Interview staff: what’s their popular products etc

* Please download the following “Pod pics” app, then take photo and conduct interview.

・you can find detailed job description in the app

・GPS is applied to capture accurate information



Job Description:

(0) Survey subject

Any stationary stores in Tehran near you. Please choose stores where you can find ballpoint pens and allow you to take pictures

(1) Photo shooting

・2x exterior of the store : Please capture images I can clearly see the exterior of entire stationary store

・2x interior of the store : Please capture images I can clearly see the interior of entire stationary store

・more than 2 photos for ballpoint pen shelves : I would like to know what kind of ballpoint pens they are selling in advance to my visit

・shelves for “Uni-ball eye ” if they are selling them

・shelves for popular ballpoint pens

(2) Interview

Please ask shop assistants (doesn’t have to be manager) following questions:

Q1: What is the best selling ballpoint pens at their store?

(Please capture the shelves for the best selling ballpoint pens)

Q2: How are ”Uni-ball eye” selling?

(Please answer in text)

Q3: Are their any newly released ballpoint pens?

(Please answer in text)

Q4: Are you offering any campaigns around ballpoint pen shelves? eg: Buy 5 get 1 free

(Please answer in text or images)

Q5: What is your customer base? Age groups, gender, number of customers per day….

■ Required number of survey subject

10 Stationary Stores in Tehran

■ Reward

US$5 for taking pictures and interview per 1 stationary store.

You can take pictures and survey of 10 shops, we'll pay $50.

The expense for transportation will not be paid


Please find other stationary stores if photo shooting is not allowed

■Deadline is July 1st.

***Please note the following rules when you apply***

You cannot submit royalty free images that you find online.

You cannot submit pictures that (1) are taken by someone else, (2) are the picture of (1), or (3)violate any legal rights of any third party.

We will delete the data of the pictures that we don't accept. The legal rights of unaccepted pictures belong to those who submit the pictures.

We may not accept pictures if that don't suit our needs.

Any legal rights of accepted pictures will belong to us.