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Ich benötige eine neue Webseite.

Die Webseite soll designt und programmiert werden.

Bei der Webseite handelt es sich um eine Firmenwebseite.

In short, an electronic platform should greatly simplify and accelerate the identification, internal classification and initial evaluation of innovative ideas from external contributes for our company. 

The website (layout, images, functions), which must be free of third-party rights, will be designed according to your proposal and in consultation with us and according to the applicable specifications of us (IT security, Communication Guidelines). 

Objectives and functionality

The platform comprises an Information Part (A) and a Module for Submitting Product Proposals Part (B) for suppliers. We will make the corresponding text and image proposals. 

A) The Information Part comprises

a. An overview of innovation in our company

b. The description of the relevant focus technologies (innovation fields). The number of innovation fields can vary from 1 – n and is designed either to be permanent or temporary. Each innovation field will be described within its own frame.

c. Our Procurement Terms and Conditions and registration requirement in order to submit product proposals

d. Further information and links may be provided as an additional option.

B) The Module for Submitting Product Proposals comprises

a. A registration page (start page) with mandatory information about the vendor, agreement to the Procurement Terms and Conditions and registration prerequisites.

b. An offer part for the presentation of product solutions by the supplier (“Mailbox”). This offer part is organized by innovation fields (see A.b). When submitting its product proposal, the supplier decides the innovation field to which its proposal belongs.

c. Preset templates (Option 1) or input masks (Option 2) for product proposals to explain the proposal and information about the company according to a defined format. The templates (Option1) or input masks (Option 2) can vary depending on the innovation field. The structure and content will be determined by us in consultation with the IT vendor and will be part of the IT scope of performance (see also “Output / Communication”).

d. Once submitted, a proposal can no longer be modified. However, the submitting vendor can withdraw (revoke) its proposal at any time.

The submitted product proposals will be made available to internal “users” at our company for viewing and downloading (see Internal users and rights).

Optional functions of the platform:

The platform may contain optional functions, which will be determined at the recommendation of the IT vendor and in consultation with us.

Opt. 1, Logic identifier: An automatic test step detects illogical entry data in mandatory fields and blocks further registration with a message in the input mask.

Opt. 2, Fake registration: Prevention of automated registration software (“I am not a computer”).

Opt. 3, Quality gate: Authorized users at our company can delete frivolous and unwanted registrations and product proposals.

Opt. 4, Notifications: A specific list of users at our company is notified via e-mail of newly submitted product proposals and the withdrawal (revocation) of product proposals in their innovation field.

Opt. 5, Evaluation status: A specific list of users at our company can assign an evaluation status (e.g. internal evaluation begun/ completed, discussion with the supplier, on hold, etc.).

Administrators may

a) Create and delete internal “Owners” and “Users”

b) Create and delete external “Members” 

Owners may 

a) Create, modify and delete texts and images in the Information Part and in the Module for Submitting Product Proposals (see Objectives and functionality)

b) Call up complete overviews of all product proposals (see Data warehousing & evaluation)

Users may

a) Call up (download) product proposals, including the registration data of suppliers (Members)

b) Set, modify the evaluation status

c) Delete product proposals (see Data warehousing & evaluation)

All other of our employees may

a) Read the title and brief description of all product proposals (see Output / Communication)

b) Read the evaluation status 

External users and rights

Public part: The “Information Part” and the start page for registration in the “Module for Submitting Product Proposals” is public. Every visitor can register there as a Member.

Members are suppliers that have registered in the Module for submitting product proposals. Registration is done by 

a) Filling out all mandatory fields (to be determined separately by us)

b) Agreeing to the our Procurement Terms and Conditions. 

It is possible to register without submitting a product proposal.

Members may 

a) Submit and revoke product proposals 

b) View their own product proposals and the corresponding evaluation status (optional) 

It is not possible to revoke our Procurement Terms and Conditions or modify registration data (mandatory fields). Members can revoke their overall status if no product proposal was submitted.


Tender phase

1. Start tender: April 2017

2. Concept presentation and rough proposal: end of April 2017

3. Specifications and proposal submission (final): May 2017

Raw version: 

1. Contract award June 2017

2. Presentation of raw version, early August 2017 

3. Release: August 2017

Pilot, dry run

• Approx. 3 to 5 innovation fields, early September 2017

Planned go-live

• October 20, 2017

• Lessons learned, review and possibly other innovation fields: December/January 2018

Data and platform security

The platform must comply with the our applicable information security regulations and the security requirements for IT applications. The IT vendor is responsible for meeting the requirements and will obtain the necessary information and regulations directly from the competent departments.

The following information is to be classified as confidential in accordance with our Information Security Guidelines

a) The Module for Submitting Product Proposals

b) The product proposals and corresponding status

c) The registration data of suppliers and our employees

d) All information from “Data warehousing & evaluation”

The IT vendor must prove that it can meet the InfoSec requirements of the ACP evaluation (e.g. two-factor authentication, data encryption during transmission and storage)

Output / communication (bi-directional)

The product proposal is the core of the platform. The information will be provided within a structure specified by us and will consist of

a) Title

b) Assignment to a innovation field

c) Brief description of the product proposal

d) Detailed information on the product proposal, such as design, functionality, special advantages, unique selling propositions, benefits for us, etc.

e) Information on the status of development, such as draft, trial, series, etc.

f) Information on the supplier, such as contact data, company name, etc.

g) …

Points a), b) and c) must be visible for all of our employees. Points d) to f) are only visible for defined “Users” at our company.

The product proposal can be submitted either in the form of a plain text document (Option 1) or by entering all information into an input mask (Option 2). For Option 1, the plain text document can be downloaded from the “Module for Submitting Product Proposals.” Under both Options 1 und 2, it must be possible to copy-in images, graphics, etc.

A recommendation (Option 1 or 2) is made by the IT vendor. The specification of the exact structure and contents a) … e) will be done by us in consultation with the IT vendor.

Option/variant: Instead of posting the product proposals to the platform, a conceivable option is to forward them to a dedicated e-mail address. This variant may be considered as a cost-effective and simple alternative.

User requirements

It must be possible to modify the texts and images in the “Information Part” and in the “Module for Submitting Product Proposals” at any time and with little effort.

The innovation fields provide critical information for suppliers. Each one of them is described in its own “box” in the “Information Part” and in the “Module for Submitting Product Proposals.” It must be possible to easily switch the innovation fields on and off. The description in the “Information Part” should be a basic overview and the description in the “Module for Submitting Product Proposals” should be more detailed.

Desire of anticipated users to the system / external

An overview available to Owners and Users provides an overview of the internal evaluation status of the product proposals. The status is set by the Users and contains

a) Information about the status of evaluation (e.g. internal evaluation, discussion with the supplier planned/ conducted, refused, etc.). We will separately define the exact status phases.

b) Information about the departments involved (name, department name)

How the system should look like / internal

The platform should have a simple and user-friendly design. It should be easy and self-explanatory to read and download product proposals and to create and maintain the internal status reports without specialized expertise. Registration and the submission of product proposals by the suppliers should be simple and intuitive, without technical barriers.

As a basic rule, the simpler, the better. To achieve this goal as much as possible, proposals that minimize functions in the interest of simplifying the platform are expressly desired.

Other requirements

The concept proposal of the IT vendor must contain binding information on

a) Response time behavior

b) Availability (24/7)

c) Maintenance windows

d) SLA expected/ offered

e) Different language versions

f) System architecture description, including OS, DB variant

g) Update behavior, patching

Requirements for implementation, training and documentation

The concept proposal of the IT vendor must contain concrete proposals for

a) A Help Desk

b) User support during the implementation phase (July to December 2017)

c) Training measures

d) Contact and response speed in case of IT problems

Project implementation

Proposal by the IT vendor


Proposal by the IT vendor