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2/21/19 5:44 PM

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I am interested in an Instagram bot. I will write down the requirements and you tell me if you can program that. 

1) The Instagram bot must work for several people. It must be easy to add new members

2) Following things must be adjustable

a. 4 Target accounts to go through their followers 

(example: selena Gomez, Dwayne the rock johnson, Obama, Donald trump)

b. XYXYX (see at 5.)

3) The bot should follow people from the followers list of the target account 


beside to just go through the followers list the bot should go through the comments of the pictures. EXAMPLE: if 4892 people commented Obamas picture the bot should follow the people who commented the picture!

And also the bot should go through the likes of a picture. EXAMPLE: if 8892 people liked a picture of one of the target accounts the bot should go through this list and follow people from there

4) If the bot followed a person, it should put the name in a list and unfollow the same person after reaching the setted XYXYX. Afterwards the bot is never going to follow this person again.

5) The bot should follow first XYXYX new people from the given list and then stay around this follower number including following/unfollowing 

a. The number following/unfollow actions must be adjustable 

6) The bot should interact with the people it follows, that means like the newest picture! 

7) In doing this the bot should always stay under the limit of 350 likes per hour

8) The mixture for 3) should be like this:

90% of the follow/unfollow actions should be from the follower list of the target account

7% of the follow/unfollow actions should be from the like list of a picture of the target account

3% of the follow/unfollow actions should be from the comment list of a picture of the target account

9) The bot should send a notification if there are no more followers left on one of the target accounts

10) The bot should not follow unfollow the whole day. It should do it XY times a day (example every 3 hours = one run)

11) The bot should change the target accounts after every follow unfollow run.

This message relates to:

I will set up a powerful instagram hosted bot for you

User A sets his target accounts on David Guetta, Carl Cox, Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

The bot starts to do the first follow unfollow run.

For this the bot goes into the follower list of David Guetta. Here it starts to follow people. In total it follows 90% of the setted amount of interacting people from there

7% it grabs from a picture where people liked the picture

3% from the comments of the same picture.

For every follower account the bot likes the newest picture tu interact with the account. 

After reaching the maximum number of new accounts ( in this case 500) it starts to unfollow the first user it follower new to stay in a same number of followed people.

After this run the bot stays still until the setted time is over (in this case 4 hours). After 4 hours the bot gets active again and follows new people. For every new account it unfollows one person from the previous run.

IMPORTANT: let`s say the account followed before 200 people. With this bot it starts following 500 new. And through every run follow new persons BUT IT ALWAYS STAYS WITHIN THE 500. That means if you would give the followed people numbers. After following account number 500 for following the 501. Account the bot unfollowes person number 1.