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We are lookingfor a qualified engineer capable of inegrating vTigerCRM with FreePBX. The system should run on Linux and sport MySQL.

We are a business well established in the Northern Italian region marketing and selling to SME sophisticated solutionsIn this country  SME are not alike those in USA but smaller. I would devise this market in two important segments SoHo & Small Business. The first employee from 2 to 10 people, and the second from 11 / 30 people.

These entities provide almost 58% of the GNP. They totalize 3.818.745 businesses around the country, on top of said figure only 2943 belong to large enterprises. The data I am referring to belong to 2006 national statistic.

1st case – SoHo market accounts with <= 5 (five) client

a.       In this case I should like to see the solution, with  all the various type of SW totally embed in one server. If the user face problem because of the high traffic we can up grade him to the next solution.


 2nd case – SME market accounts with => 6 (six) client

c.        vTigerCRM will be set onto one of our proprietary web server. They are located at" target="_blank"> an ISP and server farm provider

d.       Asterisk should then  be installed in a server at the end user site. IP Trunks can be provided by our partner" target="_blank"> as well as connectivity by" target="_blank">  or by" target="_blank"> for large HDSL.

e.       In both the cases we should like o optimize the performances adopting QM that can provide outstanding support for the business


The high end of the SoHo business segment may have one / two agent working from home, while SME might have 50% of the agents working out from home.

A qualified management of the queues is very important to the business. This is where QM shines. When you are in queue waiting for the agent to answer you should not wait longer than 5 – 7  seconds. So far a powerful IVR play an important role. I would include the possibility for the caller to take advantage of “call back” for the agent to call him back right away as soon as he get free or becomes available. This option should be provided by the end of the max time above stated supported by and appropriate set of prompts. I would say I should not like to see more than 3 callers waiting to get hold of the agent, this would allow you to increase the number of queues and agents.


Throughout the last five years inbound calls are diminished while outbound have increased dramatically. The inbound calls are for the most coming in from the consolidated clientele. Because of the crisis all the business are looking for new leads thus increasing the number of outbound calls. The inbound calls can be easily managed by one agent, the outbound calls should be managed by the rest of the agents. So far a Telemarketing / Outbound Call Center with a powerful CRM would be the objective of the design. The system should be Multilanguage, by this I mean Italian, English, French and Spanish. I presume language GUI interfaces are provided by PIAF/FreePBX and vTigerCRM.

In this country we have not the restriction you have got in USA using predictive dialer. We should like to adopt it and use it with discretion and professionalism without disturbing any potential prospect.


Inbound and Outbound call are managed by the xDSL/HDSL. In the Northern regions we can have in most important town very reliable HDSL that would meet the requirement. We can use some PSTN as a back up of the HDSL just in case. No E1/PRI.


The agent should use soft phone such as x-lite or Zoiper. Although we’ll have anyway hard phones around the business.


The systems described would play the role of a Call Center for let’s say 60% of its resources and time and for the rest will mange PBX subscribers and associated features.

If you have any interest in this project please let me know and I would be please to furnish you with more information.


Thank you!


Roberto Todeschini