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Small project <800

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1/25/12 5:27 PM

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I'm working on a very simple app for iPhone, but as my iOs experience is scarce I need help with the following:

- Adding and removing items from a database held within the app - Displaying the content of this database with the TableView controller - The source commented in English so that I'll be able to add/remove data myself. - Included in the price I'd like 1 hour of support in case I need help when working the code myself

The fields in the database should be:

- Time - From - To (phone #) - To (name) - Message - Status - Cost - Notes

When parsing the database to populate the TableView, I should be able to make simple changes to the text before it's shown in the TableView. For instance formatting the "time" in the way that I like best. 

The TableView displaying the contents of the DB should work like this: - The first TableView shows only the lates message for each number (like Messages app). - When the user presses one of this cells, the TableView displays all the messages sent to this number

The adding and removing from the database should work like this: - A button creating a new entry with some data in each field (so that I can easily use this code myself) - A button deleting all entries with time="xxxx" and to="xxx" (so that I can easily use this code myself)

For how I want the design to be, see attachments.