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Small project <800

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7/29/11 5:00 PM

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I need an simple iPhone/iPod touch app for capturing numbers.

The iphone-display shoud show a large keypad with only numbers (see pdf :-)).

On top of it should be a small line showing the actual number.

Below the keypad should be a “back” button to correct the number.

Below the “back” button should be an “Enter” button to register the number.

All entered numbers should be written in a file together with date and time.

Should look like this:




The file should be stored on the iPhone/iPod touch.

The file should be uploaded in an 5 minute interval to an ftp-server as soon as there is an internet connection available.

Existing files on the ftp-server should be overwritten only after a successful upload.

The upload should be in the background with no user interaction necessary.

There should be logfile for the upload that contains date and time of successful uploads.

The filename should be customizable.