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Small project <800

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8/23/12 4:20 PM

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Acid-Base-Balance Check


platform: iPhone


short description:

Food diary, which checks your personal acid-base-balance for every day based on your food consumption.


long description:

In the app the user is able to choose for every day from a menu, what and how much he was eating. For every day the app will then calculate the acid-base-balance, and will show the result in numbers and graphically using a red/green-bar with a pointer.


The calculation of the result is quite simple: There‘s a food database, where the acid-base-value is normalized for 100 g. Example:


   database (all based on 100 g): bread 3.48

                                                           tomato -2.31


   entries in the diary:

   03. August 2012: 200 g bread

                                  50 g tomato


   result: 2x 3,48 + 0.5x -2,31 = 5,805


   red/green-bar: The pointer should point to the red section for positive results, and to the    green section for negative results


The user can browse through the diary using a calender, and is able to delete/change specific entries in his diary, or is even able to delete all entries for a specific time-frame.


Additionally there‘s an info-section, where the user can read about the impact of the acid-base-balance.


The food-database is stored locally on the iPhone not on a server.


What you get:

  • GUI as JPGs (English and German version)
  • specification in English
  • food database as Excel or whatever common format you wish (English and German version)


What I get:

  • full functional iPhone-App with support for English and German
  • it has to be easy for me to add additional elements to the food database
  • it has to be easy to add additional text and pictures to the info-section
  • source code
  • all rights for the code and the GUI
  • non-disclosure agreement