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1,500 - 3,000

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9/10/11 6:33 PM

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Java / GUI / GRIB Spec. & other stuff…….Wanted developer who can deal with Grib data (primarily Grib2)GRIB…………."> Spec……….

-       Creation of a GUI from GRIB data

-       Updates x4 in 24hrs (every 6hrs) at least

-       Graphs showing – winds, waves and pressure synoptic chart. We want to generate pressure charts, simlar-ish to:">

-       Plotting of “virtual buoy” locations using latitude and longitude on a map provide by me

-       long term forecast – 10 days minimum – ideally 15 days plus

-       Calling FTP server x4 (timed) in 24hrs

-       x250 locations

-       Fully working application must reside on my server

-       GUI to show individual countries / regions & Europe map – will provide the map graphics, you will have to do the overlay

Examples of data sought and more project information available on request, and with a full introduction (see ideal person details below).Java is written into the spec only because that is what is perceived to be needed, if you can achieve the same goals or the GUI with different mark-up languages then so much the better.Our server environment is not fixed, the CMS we use is our own custom application, it doesn’t currently export any info, but can be set up to export to any requirements. Information can be made available in most recognized formats we just need a definition. Tell me what you want ideally and I will see how we can ideally accommodate it.The ideal person: not so keen on a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of relationship – I see this as a project that will need to be tweaked / need new versions over time, so ideally want someone who will be around and not just disappear – so proper website, full communication details, bio, address and proper (platonic!) relationship sought! ;0)All communication will be through this site to ensure that this project is completed as required in the main spec of the job. But for the future must have communications: e-mail, skype, landline phone, and emergency 24/7 mobile – please include in your bio.What I don’t want – I don’t have time to take a newbie on, thus the ideal person must have some experience in this kind of work – sorry. So unless you’re a genius starting out, and cheap of course, jog on!Demo to prove you can do it………Okay, at first this might seem cheeky, but it is a necessity, I have wasted a lot of time with people who claim they can do the work, yet offer no proof. So to be fair on the serious players and save us all a lot of time, we would like to see…….

·       an example of a synoptic chart / pressure map, similar to this:">

·       today, tomorrow and future days from the demo start date.

·       more info and map images to be used in the “full” spec – once you apply…..

Future work: we will be looking for the following within the next 12 months……..

-       database managerial work for the managing of in house proprietary data, that will be delivered to users through an interface – similar to search / with multiple criteria

-       app developers for iphone, android and the new window’s / nokia offering when it comes(!) – possibly RIM too.

Languages: am bilingual in English & Spanish (crap French & poor Portenol!) – but would ideally like it all to be in English.Payment: all payments will be made through this site as per the terms.Speed / time: once we start I would hope that things go fast……Insomnia is considered a bonus / plus !!!