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1. The essence of this project is to implement an automated student enrolment/reenrolment and timetabling system. As students most of the details should be familiar to you. However because of time restraints, some of the constraints of the system will be simplified. Implement the system:  The system should be implemented as a web application using JSP, Java Script, JDBC and Java Beans.


In essence the system contains three main modules that are accessed from a main menu. These are: 1. Login 2. Enrolment New Student Ongoing Student 3. Grade maintenance 4. Reporting The login is simple. A person using the system must be registered on the system with an appropriate UID/PWD pair (min 8 characters each including both numbers and alphabetic/special characters) 2. Enrolment Students can be part time or full time. A part timer must do 2 subjects a full timer must do 4 subjects. Any attempt to commit a different number of subjects must come up with a warning that allows the administrator to override. Even with an override, no more than 5 subjects are allowed in a semester and then only if that would allow a student to complete a degree in that semester. Thus students have to nominate whether they are New or Ongoing, Full or Parttime (this is checked by the system against the database which contains all student id’s and their status). A student must also nominate their major which may be one of B, N or D. A student must have the pre-requisites for a unit in order to be allowed to do it. A student may enrol in any core subject provided they meet the prerequisite and must complete all the core subjects for the degree.


Grading A lecturer must be able to search for students taking their subjects that semester and enter their marks (an integer out of 100). The search can be by student name/id or subject. If it is by subject, then all the students enrolled that semester are listed and the lecturer can enter grades for a whole class at a time. Reporting The system must be able to issue the following reports – a. Enrolments showing total, new and ongoing b. Enrolments by subject (the total enrolled in every subject) c. Total grades in a requested subject by the following categories <50,50-59, 60-69,70-79, 80+ d. Total grades in every subject of requested student by the following categories<50,50-59, 60-69,70-79, 80+ As well, the implementation will connect to a database which will give the user an option to store/retrieve the search term and filenames and paths. Thus, if a term has been used and stored.