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8/27/13 8:46 PM

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Hi everybody,

I'm Daniel, I'm a young music producer from Italy. I've been doing an online music contest since January to promote myself as a producer, this was the first contest: This app should be an online voting system to choose the artists that will go to the final.

The app will embed 2 videos from a youtube playlist (chosen with a proper random algorhythm), the user will watch them and vote the best.

I want the app to be mobile compatible because I'd like to convert it into a mobile app in the future (maybe with Titanium), it will be hosted on a website.  

Technical specs


I don't have the sketches of the UI of the app yet but I got a pretty clear idea of what I need. It will have 5 pages plus 1 for me to control it but I'd prefer them to be all in 1 javascript app, not detached URLs, this shoud avoid attempts of soup up/hack the voting system by voting the same video a lot of times.

The first, the "home", will have only 2 links, one that points to the "ranking page" and one that goes to the "voting page". On top of it I would like to embed an image from an URL, the image will be changed by me at every edition of the contest. There will be a second home without links (maybe just one to my facebook page) just for the closing of the contest with an image embedded with the text "contest closed" (I want to have freedom to change the images when I want).

The "voting page": it embeds 2 videos from a youtube (or more than one) playlist chosen with a proper algorythm (I'll speak about it later), below the videos there will be 2 buttons to vote one or another. To avoid bots or other hacks there should be something that forces the user to watch the 2 videos entirely or at least part of both. It's not allowed to have more than connection for each IP (so no way to give multiple votes only opening multiple tabs of a browser). Everytime someone votes for a video that video earns 50 points.

The "Extra points page" is the following, displaying vertically the ranking of all the videos, showing only the video title, sorted by youtube views+voting points (not displayed yet). Next to each video title there will be a "Give Extra-Points" button that will give 10 points to the video the user will choose scrolling the entire ranking. A direct link to the "ranking page" should be on top of the page if the user doesn't want to give extra points. As soon as pressing the extra points button the "ranking page" will appear (no multiple voting allowed).

The "ranking page" will be quite similar to the previous but will display the total points (youtube views+voting views) on the right of each video title. This time the user should be able to click on the video title to see the video on the youtube page. On the top of the "ranking page" there will be a "Home button" and "Vote again" plus if possibile, a facebook share option.

The last page will be for me to control the overall thing, the "admin page". I should be able to Stop the whole system (and make it continue after that if I need to), to Reset it, to give the URL for the 2 images on the 2 home pages. Last thing, I will have to be able to add 1 or more Youtube playlists. Every new edition will have a different playlist the database will refer to and when I'll finish one edition and reset it, the related playlist will still be available on Youtube but the system won't see it anymore so it can be replaced.

Speaking about the database, I THINK for each video it should store: video title, related youtube embed code, video url, number of views on youtube, the amount of voting points and the total points (youtube views+voting points).

The random algorythm: I need some equality on the number of times a video appears in a couple. So the system should give precedence to the videos who haven't already been shown. I need the whole thing to be optimized on mobile too.

This is the project, I'm not a programmer so you should think about server and online hosting, I'll ask you the source code for future upgrades or fix.


Please keep in mind this is no-profit, the contest and the app will only be a cost for me so try to understand I can't have a professional budget but you won't obviously have the pressure of a proper commercial project as well.

Hope to find someone willing to help me with this, can't wait to hear from you, guys.

Best, Daniel