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1,500 - 3,000

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7/4/13 1:53 AM

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We provide online dispute resolution services for people and business with small claims disputes. The legal impact is based on our team’s experience and our professional image. The website therefore makes the first impression.


Core Phase Requirements


This RFP is to ensure that delivery of the highest quality functional website is developed using industry and ITIL best practices for development of a Joomla development services.

The services to be proposed require the following to be inclusive of each delivery phase and pageby the contractor:

All pages to apply the recommended SEO keywords as part of the design All pages to be done in the most currently supported and stable release of Joomla that is responsive to mobile devices of various current operating systems, as well as, various browser compatibility for the current stable release of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Opera, and Safari. All functionality and display shall be tested and validated. Training to manage content shall be provided by the contractor at the completion of each phase.  Keep in mind the end user experience and that the navigation should be logical, should have an easy way to return to prior page. Keep security practices as a priority and avoid caching information or using coding methods that allow for vulnerabilities. Provide design and layout recommendations. All pages shall be grammatically checked and corrected for spelling, errors and omissions. Language should conform to the American version of English and not another derivative or dialect. All pages must load quickly (3- 5 secs. Load time) and be responsive for submissions. (less than 25 -30 secs.)


DESCRIPTION, PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES OF WEB SITE The contractor shall take the existing Joomla website and complete the phases in the following order:

Phase I -  Correct the “Services” Tab page layout so the wording. The flow should be  “The Complete Package” on Top Center of page and the two other options Package A and Package B below. All options should have bulleted points underneath explaining the details of each package.

Each option needs to have a selection that makes sense to the user, do not use Subscribe Now  as the service is not a recurring subscription. When the selection is made they should go to the next page where they fill out an intake form.

Correct the client application intake form, the series of questions are out of sequence and needs to be corrected or reapplied. The form needs to be mailed to the (TO BE PROVIDED UPON AWARD) after payment is made. This will allow the case to be set up and the customer to be contacted.  Not all fields are required and that will need to be identified by us. Instead of captcha, I would like a slightly easier one to read.

Add the “Terms of Service” to pop up on a separate window and be able to print should the user wish to get a hard copy made.

The bottom of the page should have the Arbitration Agreement acceptance and opportunity to accept the terms. Separate pop up window to review and print. Once completed and accepted, the next flow should be the payment page.

Payment processors are Paypal and LawPay options and both need to work as an option. The payment once made a confirmation is issued to the customer and then to us from either processor.

Replace the existing SSL Comodo logo on all pages  with another.    [SSL] . And move it to the far corner not near the logo.

Add Toll free number (VANITY NUMBER HERE PROVIDED UPON AWARD)  and ensure contact tab functions properly.  Replace the flags with something that reflects translation of site to Spanish.

Phase II -Redesign and improvements of Landing page (Sample on Title page but cannot be used) and apply to all pages for continuity and About Us page as well and spelling corrections. Layout to be user friendly, but professional and maintain the colors for the logo and background. A plus +/- to enlarge or shrink page.  Bios to be added to judges profiles. Text to be consistent and cohesive in design layout. Add Blog Page and (the following remaining items to be provided by us) articles, expanded testimonials, added video, how it works page .

Phase III - Add following pages – Spanish version (translation to be  provided by us)for landing/home page, How it works, Testimonials in Spanish). Ensure that the language flags function properly in all viewing versions.  Add Spanish video testimonial. The remaining sections will remain in English as we will make it clear that they will need to provide their own translator and cannot  guarantee availability of our Spanish speaking judges due to the high demand.