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7/19/21 9:14 PM

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Learning from the Project:

The objective of these projects is to generate business and build a subscriber list by analyzing your competitor and planning your website design, auditing, and inbound links.

You will be creating and submitting a complete SEO strategy based on the following:

Keyword research and keyword opposition to benefit KOB analysis

Documentation of your information architecture and taxonomy

Site audit document covering 12 important areas of SEO

Link strategy document complete with link requests

Marketing plan to gain attention and links

Project Overview:

Now let’s start understanding the project that you need to work on. The project has been divided into five parts based on the concepts learned in the Advanced Search Engine Optimization course.

Project 1 – Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research

Project 2 – Information Architecture Planning

Project 3 – Website Audit Documentation

Project 4 – Inbound Links

Project 5 – Marketing Plan

The overall/collective objective of these projects will be to generate business and build a subscriber list. All these activities will converge toward this end goal.

Breaking the end goal to phase-wise goals, the first objective/goal of this activity will be:

Engagement in the process to tie search engine optimization (SEO) efforts to your business objectives

Understanding of competitive landscape

The inclusion of search and keyword research in your marketing initiatives

In order to complete the above five projects, you need to have a website. Let’s understand the approach for the same.

Kickstart to SEO Projects:

Your business needs to be promoted and branded for which you require a website to be created with content and link it with the search engine. You need to target your audience using keywords and campaigns and achieve your goals.

The project involves creating a website or using an existing website to work on the concepts of digital marketing. The following gives a kickstart to the project:

Define your venture. (Explain your business that you own or work for)

Who is your target audience? (Let us know whom you would be targeting and why)

How can digital marketing help your venture? (How do you think digital marketing would help you in branding or promoting your business?)

What are the keywords that you need to focus on? (List the keywords that you would use for SEO (free) and PPC (paid) targeting)

In order to start the project on SEO, you are requested to have a website/blog post which implements the concepts of PPC. You are an entrepreneur who has started a children’s toy retail website. You need to be able to invest your time and money wisely and make the most of the opportunities.

Creating a website/blog, populating content, lead capture, and ownership:

Create a website/blog on yourself or hire a website designer for your business.

If you do not own a business, use your friend's website, if any. You can also create one based on your interest which can be a website or a blog.

If none of the above, work on the project based on concepts by sharing your thoughts/ideas.

You need to populate the content based on products and services or blogs provided to the users and set lead capture using the Contact Us page. Register your website on Webmaster tools and verify ownership so that the search engine authorizes your website. Ensure Sitemap.xml is integrated and submit to Webmaster so that the search engine crawlers can crawl your website.

SEO and keyword research:

Ensuring on-page and off-page optimization of the content

Defining SEO tags such as Title, Meta Description, H1 Tag, Image Alt Tags, etc.

Conducting keyword research and analyzing the business site

Performing competitor analysis to finalize target keywords

Suggested Tools but Not Mandatory:

Website Designing

Free – Google Site, Zoho, Wix, Blogger

Paid – WordPress, Weebly, or any of your choice

Domain Purchase

Free – Google Site

Paid – WordPress, Zoho, Wix, GoDaddy

Hosting Services – All website designing tools above have paid services for hosting

Google Search Console -

Sitemap -

Competitor Analysis Tool (Free at few instances) – Spyfu, SEMRush, QuickSprout, KeywordCompetitor

Project Duration:

Ideally, it would take a maximum of two weeks to design and register the website.

Now that you are ready with your website/blog, let’s proceed toward working on SEO projects.

Keyword Research

Project Duration:

Ideally, it would take a maximum of one week to work on research keywords and group them into logical categories.

Learning from the Project:

You will learn how to research on keywords, identify the competitive and negative keywords, and group the related keywords based on categories.

Project Overview:

Create a list of keywords and categorize them logically which would help you in completing the rest of the task for your website.

Project Task:

Using the Keyword Planner, do initial research on keywords that encompass your target services.

Start by developing an initial list of at least 100 keywords (not mandatory), and then make your decisions about how to group your keywords into logical categories. You should document your strategy and process for doing the research and show all the factors that contribute to your decisions. Explain your thinking as fully as possible.

Using your understanding of keyword research and Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI), develop a spreadsheet list of 15 to 20 keywords around which you expect to build the information architecture for your company’s website. Use five to seven primary keywords for the major categories that you will use to group your products.

NOTE: You will apply your keywords to all other parts of this project.

Suggested Tools but Not Mandatory:

Keyword Analysis Tools

Free - Google Keyword Planner, Google Correlate, WordStream Free Keyword Tool

Partially Paid - Keyword In, KWFinder, SEO Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder

Paid – Soovle, Wordtracker Scout, Keyword Tool

Competitor Analysis Tool (Paid) – Spyfu, SEMRush, QuickSprout, KeywordCompetitor

Reporting and Analysis:

Your report would include the following:

The list of keywords that you developed for your website

List of categories and their keywords

The strategy and process for researching

Primary key from each category