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Small project <800

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4/16/13 7:57 AM



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The project should consist of atleast 3 pages.

Over all Logic

  1. Enter user name/clock in id and password.
  2. If valid, allowed entrance to a menu driven page where the details of employees can be manipulated based on the type of staff who enters. The menu consists of option such as enter, modify, display personal details of an employee and payment details an employee where the access is based on the type of user.
  3. If not valid then asked to seek the advice of administrator or director
  4. If the user entered is director or administrator then that user is allowed to enter details of a new employee and that employee’s payment details. Also allowed to view, edit and remove an employee details if needed. Also he can view the salary details and edit it if needed.
  5. If the user entered is assistant director then that user is allowed to view/print employee details and is not allowed to modify or remove any details of the employee other than his performance details which is analysed every six months of the calendar year.
  6. If the person entered is any other management staff then that user is allowed only to view/print general details of the employee and is not allowed to view or print payment details. This user is also not allowed to edit or remove any details of the employee.
  7. If the user entered is any other staff then he is denied access to the application and is told to contact administrator or director to get access.
  8. If the user is director or administrator then that user is allowed to enter, edit any details of the employee and the administrator can calculate his monthly payment to retrieve his salary slip.
  9. Once the data are entered then the data is stored in a database which can be accessed to manipulate employee details to retrieve employee details and payment details.

Idea on each pages in the application

Login Page:

This page contains two text boxes for ‘user name’ and ‘password’, two buttons for ‘enter’ and ‘cancel’. When u click ‘enter’ button, if the username and password matches with the data in the database then access is given and proceed to the second page. Cancel button is used to clear the field and to retrieve from login attempt.




Main Page:

This page is a menu driven page and based on the type user the user options varies. This page consists of a number of text fields and options to enter the details of each employee like name, address, age, gender, educational qualification, experience, physical status, basic payment, work status, shifts, benefits, health details, police certification etc. each data is passed on to the database and stored there. This page also has other options to display and print employee details and their payment details.

The various users of this page are administrator, director, assistant director and clerk. The administrator and director are given full access to every option on this page. Assistant director will be able to update employee details except payment details and can view all the details. Clerical staff is allowed to obtain only relevant details of an employee and are not allowed to edit the details.

This page also contains an option to save details into the database. However only the administrator or director or asst director can access save/update option.

Other Pages:

            These pages are various display pages depending on the user it access and allow the user to print or view the details of an employee. The administrator is allowed to take the printout of the payslip and can view and take print of all the details of the employee. The Director can view and take print of all the details of the employee. The Asst Director and other management staff can view certain details except for the fact that Asst Director can view all the details of an employee except his payment details.