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Small project <800

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8/18/12 4:36 PM



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The goal of this project is to create an easy ti install template or to create a preconfigured Amazon web services ( instance that includes following eatures:
1. preconfigured apache webserver for LAMP usage (e-commerce website), including redirecting URLs with mod rewrite via .htaccess files.  
2. preconfigured MySQL Database with an localhost and remote ip access for the main user so that new databases, tables etc can be created via third party MySQL tools such as SQLYog and localhost PHP scripts.  
3. preconfigured PHP 5.x.x with MySQL and cURL support and an ability to read remote files via PHP fopen/http protocol. 
4. remote FTP-access to the apache web folders so that we can upload new folders and files to the "public_html folders", copy php, .htaccess, images ... via third party FTP-tools such as FileZilla.  
5. root access to webserver configuration files php.ini, my.ini and apache configuration files via FTP preferred and also a possibility to use putty / sftp console access for the root user.  
If an easy to install amazon template is not a possibility, we can offer you an amazon AWS account, where you can build the instance and deliver us the credentials for ftp, mysql etc...