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Budget (€) :

1,500 - 3,000

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12/12/16 11:43 PM

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Hi togther,


Ich benötige eine neue Landing Page.

Ich benötige nur ein Design für die Landing Page.

want i need (Theme: my Emails about…) (this was from another MasterCard dealer) Please check the attachment in Details

[OBSCURED] is already our site. ( [OBSCURED]/neues-smartphone-trotz-schufa-erhalten/ )


I want to have an LandingPage which is optimized for our System and can be used generally for all products


The LandingPage should have some general functions and it should be easy to change the Contend (not an CSS but able form so with a bit experience.


The LandingPage should look like a NewsPortal or an NewsPaper. So we checked the Newspaper with the most competitive Readers to blitzcredit and the highest customer Numbers

Its in DE, US Today, Daily Mirror, The Sun (please check those sites to learn what for customers we want to reach)

So we will send Traffic to the Page - f.e. „Putin goes to Dinner with Trump“, than the article should match this Point, the second article on the side will be something with Credit. So the customer should come to this Part and will be Informed that blitzcredit is his solution and he will be forwarded direkt and via AffiliateLinks


As you see, the Newspaper work with Large Pictures, Big letters in the Pictures, Text, Letters, Comments, Text. Picture, Comments, …

The Pictures are mostly over the complete wide of the screen, the text just 3/4 and an AffiliateLink in the Rest 1/4 so the Reader might think its no advertising.

All AffiliateAdvertising brings the Customer to blitzcredit

The Customer always has to have the feeling that this „newspaper“ is actually and new - „nothing is older than the newspaper from Yesterday“

We don’t need organic Optimize - we just will send the traffic directly from different sources to the side

I should be primary optimized to the advertising rules from Facebook (important to check in cause of the“Relevance“)


Follwing Elements should be used 

Field SocialMedias (without function)

Field Comments (without function)

Traut Logos (Bank, Mobil, etc)

Headline like NYT (small Picture, Headline, 2 lines Text, 5 in a Row) 

By: (Date - 1day) Updated: (Date - 6h)

Reporter: Name

Terms & Conditions

Privat Policy


Following Function (maybe as plugIn) must be Part (Numbers just in Random not connected with any DB)

CountDown „Just 10 Products left today“ (incl. Date and Time)

CountDown „ SpecialOffer just able 15 Minutes today“ (Actually Time + 15 Minutes shown)

CountUp „Already sold 50 Products today“ (Date)

Rating „Customer rated 9.8 (today 24 Customer rated with more than 8.5)“ (Date)

Rating „Support was rated 8.9“ (Date)

FaceBook Comments „SlowlyRunning, Actually Time - 24h, City 100km around user IP or Geolocation)

Actually News (Feed or st)

FaceBook Post (dynamic)

DealingQuote today: 81%

Twitter Comment (like FaceBook)

Animation as a Calculator (f.e. CreditAmount 1.000, 100 a Month, 20%, 1200 End, 200 Costs) (or Weight 100, loos a day 0,20, 50 days, 10, End 90)

Beginn of the article „City of the IP or Geolocation, current Date - 1 day)

NewsTicker (Date)

Button: Now taking Chance of those Product (like Order)

WeatherInformations (current IP User or Geolocation)

PopUp after 1 Minute Inactivity 

PopUp while Moving to Close the Window

Slider „Slider in right sidebar with pictures and Comments“ (like on

UserName if trackable in the Moment while SiteVisiting in a Box with Contend!


I hope you understand what i mean - if the Design is ready i want to use this just with different Contend and Pictures for several Products which we have an the new db.


We want to change the contend for different groups of customers of blitzcredit (women, 20 - 30, woman 30 - 40, man 25 - 45, poor Woman, rich men, etc) we want to use it for scorExpert in different Languages etc


Could you please offer me this design with really deep physchologie!!!!! (Urgent - Important) - i don’t need an offer for an regular Design.