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1/16/12 12:51 AM

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Freelancer must please read all attached files (.DOC, PDF and excel) thoroughly before bidding for this project PLEASE. I received lots of bidding in the first version of this project posted earlier even though I realised the project did not contain the necessary tools to answer the question.

I want the freelancer to design/replicate or modify a sample of the product on to suit my need. I have my own an idea as provided i the attached template and I also stumbled on a similar application very close to what i needed. However my idea has extra functions that did not have and if any freelancers/contractors can design a replica of lottohat i will be glad.

Major differences are:

First the tables of numbers should be easily adjustable to vary column/row layout as indicated in attached  PDF file.

My tables of numbers can be two or three and has numbers 1- 60. The first two are arrange/design as i have them in the tables in page 1 (1-35) and pages 2 (1-45) as in attached word document so that the rows and columns are easily adjustable. The third table as shown in table 3 inside template represents one of the many products of specified ranges of Rows x Columns {(Probability ranges of rows and columns as explained in attached PDF file (page #11- 15)} in Table 1 and 2 as shown on top of control panel. So that when I specified ranges in table 1 and 2 base on probability ranges of Rows and columns and find the intercept of the two tables as explained in the word doc. The intercept is also called the matched values as represent in table 3 and explained on excel sheet . The value in table 3 will be used to generate output in the form/pattern of Solution 1, solution 2, solution 3, solution 4  e.t.c. (refer to attached excel file and also as explained under combinational format in page 5 of word doc (items 1a, 1b & 1c). The explanation has been thoroughly given in the attached word document.


Second different was in the width of line as in lottohat except that the statistical analysis in lottohat seems not accurate. So i want mine to be accurate. My application will still have the same format plus option of Lower Limit (L.L) and Upper Limit (U.P.). I will like an option of dropdown text box as in page #9 of PDF file and as indicated in sheet 4 of the excel files so that i can choose a number to represent lower limit and also a number to represent the upper limit.

Third different is, in lottohat under even/odd I will like my program to have two options i.e. odd/even and option with prime/odd/even so that i can choose/switch from one to the other as I desire.

Fourth different is the Single digit numbers versus Double digit numbers filter as alighted under filters section in attached word document. I want the single and double numbers to be included.

Fifth different is that i will like to create a buffer that will contain all imported past lottery results (only main numbers without bonuses) all around the world  for all pick 5/35 together in one file, all pick 5/45 together in one file, all pick 6/45 together in one file and all pick7/45 together in one file (all old combinations from all over the world) Files in either txt file or excel format or any format and be able to copy and paste in a buffer where i can retrieve and add every new draw to it.

The major purpose of buffer is to be able to compare my final answers after applying all desired filters with all the combinations in the buffer just as in lottohat. I will like to compare the results and if by chance any of my combinations (lines) matched at least 4 numbers of any combinations in the buffer the combination(s) will be eliminated (same as in lottohat under past draws filter). The main different between lottohat past history filter and my past history filter will be that after normal filtering i will still pass the result through buffer filters so that i can eliminate unwanted combinations or combinations that have been drawn in the past.