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5/7/12 2:19 PM

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Dear Sir or Madam, I need a custom module for a Magento shop running with Magento CE v 1.6.2. I'll try to describe the needed functionality as exactly as possible - could you please tell me then if you can do that, how much time it would take and what the price would be? ##### SITUATION ##### The shop's products are promotional articles and can have a logo printed on them. In the products detail view, there is a custom option field "werbeaufdruck" allowing the customers to specify the string to be printed on the product. In the future the customers should be able to select the printingtype and the number of printing colors, too. ##### BACKEND ##### The needed module should therefore provide a model "printingtype" allowing to show (with magento-Id), add, edit and delete a printingtype via backend: model printingtype: id (auto-increment), name (string), fixedPrice (price) The fixed price is the cost of this printing type independent from the number of printing colors and the quantity of the article to print on. In addition to this fixed price, the printing has a dynamic price depending on the printing type and the number of colors. Therefore a second model is needed, which the shop-owner should be able to add, edit and delete via backend, too: model printingcost: id (auto-increment), idOfPrintingtype (from above model), numberOfColors (int), price (price) So each printingtype can have different printingcosts, e.g. for 2 or for 3 colors. Each product needs to have two attributes specifying the allowed printing types and maximum number of printing colors, so that they can be imported via CSV: attribute printingtypes: comma-separated list of ids of model printingtype attribute printingcolors: int (the number of maximum allowed printing colors) The custom option "werbeaufdruck" should be implemented as a product attribute: attribute printingstring: string ##### FRONTEND ##### In the product's detail view, there should be the input for the printingstring and 2 dropdowns, so that the user can select the printingtype and number of colors depending on the products attributes from above. The displayed price of the product should adjust immediately: product price = product price + price of selected printingtype + price of printingcost (depending on printing type and number of printing colors) In the cart, the price of the selected printingtype and the price of the printingcost should be listed separately for each product, e.g.: product_1 10 € printingtype 2 € printingcost 1 € product_2 40 € printingtype 3 € printingcost 5 € product_3 80 € printingtype 19 € printingcost 24 € totals: all prices added The same goes for checkout summary and order email etc. I hope I could describe what the customer needs, please feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you and with kind regards