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Small project <800

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6/2/15 6:19 PM

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Hi everybody, I'm interested in something like this: --- when checkout ... check the products in the basket summarize per categories (concerning the products in your basket)  (eg the category "bottle" has quantity 6 (they can send only packages with 6 bottles in so ... 6 or multple of 6 are acceptable ... 2 bottles of oil xx and 1 bottle of oil yy = 3 products in the bottle category) get the quantity for categories (eg: bottle=6) if the quantity of bottles in the basket is = or a multiple of the quantity in the bottle category -> you can pay else an alert tells "you need x more bottles (x = how many bottles u have to buy to get the right quantity (multiple of 6) to complete the order" --- let me know if you can do it, costs and dead line. Thank you!