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Budget (€) :

1,500 - 3,000

Posted on

2/14/13 8:54 PM

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We need a plugin for WordPress that acts as a webshop. The actual purchase is NOT needed, this is because the purchase is done on another website, but we need to transport the chosen gods from our website to the website where the purchase is done. This is done with a link containing all the gods (see below).

The products the customer buys are beer, wine and liquor. In Sweden they are sold in a government owned shop. But all products are produced or imported by privately owned companies. Our customer is a brewery that also does a lot of importing.

1 Features The customers website is a WordPress site. We need a plugin ( extend/plugins/about/) that works as follows: Each product on the customers website have its own presentation page. The plugin should manage the editorial staff to put a button (see attachment ) on the presentation page through the use of a short code ( All orders by visitors will be shown in a shopping cart in the sidebar via a widget ( The widget will have an “edit cart” and a “check out” button. The “edit cart” will make it possible to delete products in the cart OR change the number of items for a ordered product. The “check out” button will generate the Dryckeslistan-URL for systembolaget and send the customer to that URL.

2 Test site We have a test server where we can set up a copy of the website.

3 Ordering link

Each having this form: a=1125303,12 followed by a &, where 11253 is the product number 03 is the container (type of bottle or box) and 12 is the number of items ordered and eventually the & wraps it up and works as a delimiter (note that there are no & ending the URL).

4 Short code The shortcode should/could look like this [midway order="1125303,12"]. Where 1125303 is the product number, and 12 is the number of bottles each box contains.

The reason for the number 12 ending the shortcode is that a few items can only be ordered in boxes with for example 12 bottles. So 12 indicates a box of twelve, 24 a even larger box, and 1 that you can order as few or many as you like. We should not restrict the use to only, 12, 24 and 1, any number should be useable.

The widget should change the number of products in increments of the number of items in the shortcode, so that if the customer wants to add to a product that comes in boxes of twelve bottles it will add up to 24, 36 and so on.

5 Design All design will be provided by us in the form of PhotShop files, but the design is rather uncomplex and would not be an issue at all.

6 Notes WordPress Plugins WordPress Shortcode WordPress Widgets

The name Midway Shop is our project name, since we only help the visitors midway in the process.