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4/9/17 12:24 PM

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This project involves the production of a prototype Mini Grill, ie the creation of a CAD file + production of prototypes. Distance I need professional advice on how I can let produce a small series. 

Currently I have a prototype made of aluminum, the mine has welded together on his company an acquaintance. This is now now for several years successfully. Now I want to develop a professional prototypes and may be producing a small series. The following are the requirements / specifications are listed. In the attached document sketches and pictures of the current prototypes are included.


• Mini Grill with the following dimensions: L x H x W 200 x 110 x 120. Note: The sketch in the Appendix is ​​based on a width of 100mm. So that the briquettes have space would 120mm better.

• The grill has a double bottom (lower floor and the intermediate floor) with a gap of about 25 mm height

• The raised floor is open to the handle opposite side

• The intermediate bottom is provided with holes, so that air can flow from bottom to top. In the current model, there are 3 rows of holes 7 of each 7mm in diameter

• The grill has a removable handle; in the current model, the approach is penetrated esch know in a slightly inclined angle; I understand that this is probably not the most cost effective option. Suggestions on how to do better, are welcome; perhaps because you can easily make two slits and whistles weld two angled pins on the handle. Maybe here have good ideas. On a sketch below (this was made by a friend) they see a screw is round handle, but I do not like that because the handle can become loose and the grill can rotate in a circle.

• In the current model, the handle is a hollow square tube that has been coated with a garden hose; Here, too, suggestions are welcome. 

• The grill grate is a 10 x 10 meshed stainless steel mesh; in the current model, it is bent to all four sides; I can imagine that two pages are sufficient here (handle side and the opposite side)

• In the current model of the grill with the lower floor is directly on the floor. Ideally, the grill has a kind of feet below, so that the grass is not burned. A variant that I had been thinking would be two edges (a square tube cross-sectioned longitudinally in the middle), which you put under the grill. Advantage would be that you can store these space-saving grill inside. Another variant would be to see twist-on feet as in the pictures below.


• The grill should be safe from stainless steel and for health. It may require an additional coating, similar to a Weber grill.

• The grill must sit well in the hand and feel good. Ie ideally all edges are rounded

• The wall thickness must be selected so that the steel does not begin to curl (as I trust you as an expert; friends have meant that would 2-3mm rich in stainless steel)

• The grill Feet / nosings being designed on the size so that they have space inside of the grill