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Hi there,

I started learning swift 6 months ago and have done many practice projects to help me learn but now I am going to attempt to tackle a complete app and publish to the app store. The app is for a relative who owns a preschool and I could like the designs to be done professionally. I would like a simple design which keeps the user interface layout in line with the mock ups provided and reflects the nature of the business described below. As I am relatively new to swift it's possible I may require some extra assistance from a design POV when it comes to developing the designs you create (maybe some small tweaks here and there along the way).  If your interested could you please take a look at the details below and the mocks up. Let me know if it's something you could do? And provide me with a quote and how long it would take.



Business Description:

A preschool which has 3 teachers and 40 children. The school has children aged 4 and 5. The school day is divided into 2, approximately 20 children attend in the morning session for a few hours and the other 20 attend in the afternoon. The preschool focuses a lot on learning through play. Arts and crafts and playing outdoor feature heavily in the Childs day. The purpose of the preschool is to give children some social skills and a foundation before they progress to primary school.

The problem the App is trying to solve:

The parents are requesting to see pictures of their children at the preschool when they are taking part in various play activities. Putting pictures on Facebook even in a closed group is not something that’s desired. An app will be created which the teacher can take a picture upload it and the parents can then view the picture after they have logged in securely to the app.

Main Points:

The native app is only for iOS iPhone.

The app will be very simple and serves the purpose of one way communication. The teacher uploads the picture and the parents can view the image in a gallery

The parents app essential has 6 screens in total:

Sign up

Sign in

Gallery list

Gallery details

Aistear overview

Aistear concept explained (there is 4 concepts which each will have its own screen but from a design POV it can be designed as one screen and just the text and images will change)

Parents once the app is installed from the store launch the app and will be shown the sign up screen, once they sign up the gallery is shown.

Once they sign up they are automatically logged in and will not be logged out again unless they click a log out button

There will be two tabs which the parents can see “Gallery” and “Aistear”

Point to note:

I will create one app separately which will basically be copy of the parents app with one extra tab(this is the “Preschool Data” tab in the mock ups). The extra tab will be “Preschool Data” this is where the teacher can store data on the children attending and at some point i'll add the feature here to upload the images and add a text description. This section is not going to be visible to parents. For a Design POV this is not really important as its just the one teacher who will be using this on their own mobile only. I included it in the mock ups just to get a basic design for the Preschool data tab section “enrolment List” and “Child Enrolment Form” but it’s important for you to know this will literally be used and seen just by one person.

Preschools current website:

I have done some mock ups which can be seen attached here