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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

Posted on

6/13/11 11:59 PM

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noTours is an audioguide system controlled by GPS. That means that audio contents are triggered in exact GPS locations. This project is hosted by the sound art collective escoitar.

For incoming project we need to develop an iPhone app that makes exactly what our Android app makes now.


Description of functionality

1. App starts and geolocates the user, reads a GeoRSS file concerning the sound areas (see editor below) and shows a map on the screen with these areas. The app updates location and map as faster as possible during the whole execution of the app. 

2. When the user enters in an area with sounds the app triggers an exact sound. When entering in this area it applies some attributes to the sound (see below). 

3. The app just does this until the user finishes it. 


Further description

1. Editor. noTours team have already an online editor that returns a GeoRSS file with the information about locations, soundfiles and some attributes that can be applied to the sounds. The app will read this GeoRSS, parse it and extract all the necessary information from it. In our editor the areas are only circles of any size. Check an example RSS in the attachments. 

2. Audio Contents: contents are stored in the sdcard of the phone. The first time the user executes the app it will have the opportunity to download the contents from our server. These contents will be a defined number of MP3 files. 

3. Attributes of sounds: when entering in an area the app triggers a MP3 file with the next possible attributes that can be activated or deactivated:

3.1 Fade in / Fade out

3.2 Speaker effect: loudness of the sound depends on the distance to the center (the closer the louder)

3.3 Loop

3.4 Finishing sound at going out of the area


4. Sound areas can overlap, so multiple sounds can be played simultaneouly without a maximum number. 

5. Interface: The app start and shows the next screens (images will be provided):

5.1 Splash Image 

5.2 Menu with options: Start - Help - Load Contents

5.3 Audioguide starts: it shows a map with a location marker and the circles overlays of the areas with sound. 



1. Due to the sonic context of the project audio contents must be played the maximum quality. No glitches allowed. 

2. There is no maximum number of sound areas defined although it can be a constant of 200.