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6,000 - 10,000

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9/22/14 7:48 PM

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I'm looking to build an online content sourcing management website. I would like to be able to enter websites I read frequently (ESPN, Forbes, GQ) and have it send me articles that would be of interest to me. In the mornings, I spend countless hours wasted surfing various webpages looking for content to read on my 90 minute commute to work. Most of the time I'm interested in reading on a specific topic, but I get sidetracked by all of the other news that I have no interest of. What I would like this website do is send me articles that relate to me and based of my selections, recommend me other articles. Additionally, I would like to add a feature where I can track the developing story and have the website send me updates regarding to that specific storyline from only that outlet. For example, if I hear about the Alibaba IPO valuation from the Wall Street Journal and want to stay updated on its progression, I want to be able to receive updates from only the WSJ regarding Alibaba and it's IPO. I would like all of these recommendations to be on a running feed or "ticker" similar to the stock market. I would only like the most popular outlets, so these stories will be sent based off impression numbers of the website. The story would pop up on my ticker and would read "Suggested by x company." If I read a story that interests me and I think my friend would be interested in a smiliar story, I could suggest it to him and it would be placed on his ticket and would read "Suggested by Derrick Brown." There would also be a favorite item where you could save stories for later use and also be able to bump up the posts by selecting an up arrow feature "^" or a down arrow feature. These "approve" and "disapprove" ratings will be showed on other tickers if the story is suggested for other users. Aside from the ticker, there will also be a search box that will allow you to search the web for off-the-wall news stories that wouldnt normally show in your ticker. 


I'm looking for a developer that can showcase the various types of languages they're familiar with and what they think best will work for this. Ideally I would want someone in the US, preferably Chicago, but am open to anyone in the world. Candidate will need to have a working knowledge of the English language.