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800 - 1,500

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2/21/12 3:47 PM

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To whom it may concern,


We are a professional photography company located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are interested in designing an Online Image Store. The function of the image store will be to sell stock images and videos as well as photography carried out for customers. The Online Image Store should have all the functionalities outlined below:

-          The Online Image Store must contain the following categories:

(Each category will contain sub-categories)


a.       Events (Stills and Video)


We will provide customers with a business card at the event containing log-in details.

Customers must however also be able to generate their own access information.


b.       Stock Stills


c.        Stock Video


d.       Product Photography


We will issue log-in and password details to the customer.  


e.       Private (Stills and Video)


We will issue log-in and password details to the customer.


-          The following web sites can be used as examples for the functionality of the website:">">">

-          The image store must allow the user to download images and video.

-          The site must provide a secure platform from which the customer is able to log-in.

-          The customer must make their payment before downloading any images.

(Payment will be made with Visa/MasterCard. We currently use PayU as a payment platform. )

-          The customer must be able to search for specific images/events in an intelligent way (i.e. by category).

o    After the search has been completed the images must be displayed as thumbnails.

o    When hovering the mouse over the thumbnail it is then viewed as an enlarged image.

o    The customer must be able to select multiple images which are then stored in a light box. Payment is made after the customer has finished with their selection.  

Lastly, there are the following administrative requirements:

1.       The web site must be a secure site in all respects.

2.       We must be able to upload images and videos in batches as well as individual files.

3.       We want full access to updating and maintaining the site on completion of the project.

(Please consider that we use Adobe Dreamweaver for updating and maintenance purposes.)

4.       Customer details must not be available to any third parties whatsoever.

5.       The website must be plain, simple, user-friendly and professional.



Please provide us with a comprehensive quote as we are unable to estimate the project volume.