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This is for online seat builder. See instructions below: 1.Visitor chooses a style "Classic" or "Pro" (I know steps in ordering instructions attached file are a little different but I see a better flow in terms of programming so I rearranged them here). 2.Based on the previous style selection, visitor will have either 10 seats models available to select from (Classic series) or 5 models (Pro Series) 3.After visitor sees selections, visitor clicks on an appropriate model. I think either image or just by clicking on a text ink (Part number) that will select an image will work. Initial image that is selected is black. With each model there is price associated as shown in Step 3 of the PDF file you originally shared with me 4.With the seatbuilder, customer can only order 1 at a time, because the seats may be different from each other. If they want to order more than one, there needs to be a step at the end of the selections for the first seat that gives them an option to “build” another seat, which would then take them through the process again for the next seat.  5.There is only a one-time charge of $25 to add colored panels. This includes as many colored panels as the customer wants. So if the customer chooses all panels black, there is no extra charge, but if he chooses one or all of the panels to be a different color than black, then he is charged $25 just once.  6.From here on visitor should be able to click on a panel (6 different panels and 10 colors). 7.Once panel is selected, based on the image that was selected in step 5 of my instructions, we add that color of that panel on the top of the seat (kind of overlay the old picture with new).  8.Visitor can select as many panels (one at a time) and change colors (one at a time) as many times as he wants for each panel. Visitor should randomly be able to select the panel and change the color of the panel 9.Then we select Logo option as described in step 6 of the Ordering Instructions PDF, add fees as described in the file  10.If logo is chosen, next step should be to select Logo color, otherwise proceed to step 11 11.After logo selection, customer answers whether "yes" or "No" need the LED tailing light. Add $35 the finish the customer enters (can choose whether to submit the order or print and save their order details. If they choose to submit the order at that time, then he puts in the contact details & signature.) contact details and puts signature name step customer reviews the form as shown in the attached excel spreadsheet 14.after customer reviewed the form customer submits the form  15.Then customer and you receive confirmation email (it would be great if we can figure how to link this to our Quickbooks so the customer can pay for the seat right then.:)