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1,500 - 3,000

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3/23/12 2:14 PM

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Hi I am opening a bookstore and I need some help with the ordering/packaging process.


We work in Prestashop


Ordering Process:


1) We need to generate a csv file for our daily orders to our book wholesaler.  The file will be generated by the incoming orders from our website.


2) Orders from small independent publishers that are not represented in our wholesalers’ catalogue will be sent by email directly to the publishers. Publishers should be created with name and e-mail account to receive an automatic order when we sell their books. (This can be done by alteration of the manufacturing part in Prestashop)


3) The status of each individual order line has to be changeable. An order containing 4 books can have 4 individual status messages: "has been ordered, not published yet etc.) These statuses should be changeable with a down box so we can set status to "Not ordered yet" or "Already Ordered". If we change a status from “not ordered yet” to “ordered” the book will be ordered and included in next csv file to the wholesaler.


4) An extended search facility in Back End is needed. We need to search on EAN numbers, Surname, first name etc.


5) When the work day is over a service has to be called to our Payment provider so we get all them money from the orders that we have sent that day.


Packaging process


5) When we receive the books from the wholesaler the books has to be Scanned IN on transit storage. When our employees Scanne the books IN a message on the screen will tell them where to put the book on the storage.


When an order is complete a message on the screen will tell the employee that the order is complete and an invoice will be printed automatically.


6) Sometimes we order books to sell later on. These books will go into a "fixed storage". This storage will be a synchronized with the transit storage to see if we already have the book at home so we don’t need it to be ordered


7) Reporting – we need a report function to see what we have on storage (both transit and fixed storeage)


Many of the services can be integrated in the existing Prestashop. The only new TAB is the “SCAN” TAB where employees can see the messages when they scan a book.

Best regards