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8/20/12 9:43 PM

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Task: A printable, large format organisation chart. It is to illustrate the command chain/hierarchy of a total of almost 1000 positions. Each box contains the following information: name, profession, salary and some have index numbers that will be explained in footnotes.

The information is available on individual smaller charts (hand drawn) that have to be composed. Not every position will get an individual box, where several people work in the same position only one box is needed with all their names listed. So there are several boxes with around 50 names, one over 90 and many smaller ones with 6-30 names, so we do not talk about 1000 boxes! When there are larger groups I have prepared it in a way, that the hand drawn charts have a placeholder, like "Names A" and all these names are in a seperate file, so they can copy/pasted into a box on the new chart.

All the names, profession and salaries are electronic stored in lists, they can be copy/pasted.

Regarding the layout, I am flexible, it must be self explaining which is most important. Every person is in one of three departments, so there is a compartment on the left, in the middle and one on the right of the sheet. So these three compartments should not mix visually, so it is clear where they belong to. If you google "organisation chart" you will find countless samples, I just need something that is much bigger than these samples...

In order to traslate this chart into other languages, it should be done with a programme where the professions could be exchanged, in fact this might become a second order.

To begin with, the project will be in GERMAN, but the explanation/your answer can be done in either English or German.

I am not sure about the expected fee for this task, so I realize that the chosen budget is not firm and all kind of offers can be made! MS VISIO is just an idea, as long as it readable and will be readable in the future, then it could be any programme.

Thanks for your interest in this project